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According to mythology girl child is considered as a precious gift. She is pampered, encouraged to do all sorts of household works, she is sent to her in-law house “like a queen”. This era considers girl children as torture that includes mental and physical, gender difference, embarrassments, hardships. Like how a guy is important for a better future, it is as well important to save the girl. The graph shows the birth of a girl child is lesser; her survival and struggle against so many opposition activities itself is a success. In recent times 
Girl Child And Education

A campaign was also conducted to save girl children against discrimination. Our government has also tried and striving against saving and empowering girl child. Beti bachao, beti padhao is a scheme which literally means ‘save the girl child and educate the girl child’. In 2015, census shows that india tops at 192nd position in sex determination, of which, 93.47 are females among these the birth ratio of men : women is 1:100. In recent times, in accordance with lancet reading of year 2011, there were around 400,000 female sex determined abortions that has taken place in india.  

Girl Child And Education

Girl kids who are sent to school or work do not come back, at the same time in certain places girl kids are abused. The major problem they face is due to the peer members. Still, such above concerned issues are challenging for the government so acts such as ‘girl child rights and protection in india’ is looked upon very strictly. In recent times around 10 million child brides who are under 18 years and denoted as ‘minor’ are forced for child marriage. Such a stereotypical attitude is continued due to the poor types of equipment, toilets are not in the infrastructure plan (both in house 53% and 11% schools), lack of safety. These are also the major causes of many girl kids are not sent to school. 

At present, there are the government, ngos, corporate groups, and human rights activists who support beti bachao, beti padhao and conduct campaign to save an innocent girl child. Many places are still underdeveloped, so they do not have facilities such as ultrasound, scant tests to determine the gender in certain rural areas so female foeticide is reduced. Though this sex discrimination is banned and is considered illegal since 1961. The killing of female infants is still continuing and harassments are happening in numerous places still. There are so many girls who come out and excel in multiple fields. 

Sponsors Support For ‘Healthy Child’

Our organization, muskaan is against gender discrimination. We focus on developing girl child in all perspectives, starting from growth, academic, health, economic stability. Our organization has a potential team to support girls in all possible manner. We sincerely do the following 

  • Strengthen Their Financial State With Education Qualification, Support, And Confidence.
  • With Our Sponsors Support, ‘Healthy Child’ Is Our Mantra.
  • Revolutionary Events To Help Others And Our Girl Children To Build Powerful Women For        The Future.
  • Our Organization Is Very Ambitioned To Implement Different Policies, Schemes, Laws,          Constitutional Guarantees, And International Commitments.
  • Empower Women's Status.


Muskan is majorly focussed to unwind the sorrow in every girl's face and fights to bring back the smile on their face that is lost due to some reason. We are against girl child killing. We would like our viewers and readers to get involved in all activities including donations, volunteering, etc. Join hands with our organization to support and strengthen a 

Better future! Best support! For our kids. We salute you for your support in advance. 

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