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 swachh bharat abhiyan clean india mission
There are many NGO’s who has been working for the mission of cleaning even government also has launched projects ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’.     Read More
 donate for Kidney failure patients
Kidney is one of the hidden parts of the body whose work is to filter the waste from the blood. If our kidney stop working that may causes a big loss.      Read More
 donate for jaundice india
Jaundice is one of the harmful diseases. This disease is also known as Pelia in Hindi. This disease occurs because of lever failure.     Read More
 refugees in India
Country might have given them space to live but still these people are not the native of this country. And they are fighting for the basic needs in this country as well.      Read More
 migration in india
Migration might be not a big issue as other but still it is a problem. It is the problem of the people who has been migrated; it is the problem for the native people. And it is our duty to solve this problem.     Read More
 pmkvy grading metrics
When a franchise apply for the PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) scheme the all what he need to take care is the grades. Seat allotment is based upon the grade. Therefore, it is mandatory for the franchise to must aware with the grading Metrics of the PMKVY scheme.     Read More
 superstition in india
India is a land of many cultures and religions. Where people from different religion, cultures and societies were living together.     Read More
 Rural Area
India is a world’s second largest country. Where varieties of people are living, all the people in the entire India have different languages, cultures, religions and system.     Read More
 how to apply for pmkvy training centre
PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) is the scheme which has been launched in India with the vision to skill the Indian Youths.     Read More
 unemployment in india
Money plays an important role in today’s life though we are living in this beautiful world but for the survival upon this world we need money.      Read More
 water crisis in india
That’s why someone has said correctly, that water is life. It’s even interesting to know that even 71% of the earth has been covered with water and around 96.5% of water has been hold by oceans.      Read More
 orphan child
Childhood is the best part of our life. When we are child we always want to grow up and when we are young we wants to become a child.     Read More
 apy atal pension yojana
Pension is the monetary amount given to those old age people who are not capable for any work.      Read More
Discipline is the most important factor of anyone’s life. Without discipline it is even difficult to imagine our life to be run in a correct track.     Read More
 electricity problem in india
Electricity is the man-made resources which has been discovered by the Benjamin Franklin. Electricity has been discovered by someone else but it has become a part of our life.      Read More
 pmay pradhan mantri awas yojana
House is one of the basic needs of every living being. Along with the food and cloths every human being must need shelter to cover him.     Read More
 help for critical illness of the people
This is the desire of all the human beings to have healthy life style and for that they are doing lots of efforts like gym , morning and evening walks, yoga, eating proteins and every best efforts which all they can do.      Read More
Women are the part of our society. Without women it is even difficult to imagine the society. A single woman plays a variety of roles in our life.     Read More
 help orphan children
Every human being in this world has come out from someone .No matter wither you are male or female, plant or animal. Living being means that we have come out of some one.     Read More
 pmkvy rozgar mela
On the occasion of International Youth day, our honourable prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi has launched the biggest project which has actually a gift for the Indian Youths called PMKVY(Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana).     Read More
Every day we woke up and we follow our daily routine. Right after waking up we started rushing in our life. Like office, then for work, them for some other work and so on.     Read More
fffffffffff     Read More
If we see the universe around us we may found that those things which has been born and come to this world are begin from somewhere. In other words everything was a kid before and slowly slowly it grows.     Read More
We are living in a society, where we need certain essential things to survive, which include food, clothing and roof on head and for all these things we need money.      Read More
 time management skill
Time is all about what we have and what we can gain from it. In simple word and with the opinion of a writer there is no proper definition of time but time is everything.     Read More
A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.     Read More
 school violence in india
School- when we listen this word we felt that our childhood has been alive for a moment. School means all class room, our subject teachers, their way of teaching, lots of friends, lunch time masti, play ground fun.     Read More
 skill india mission
The word skill full himself contains lot of meaning in it. Skill full means to make the person the skilled in the various job roles.     Read More
 waste management in india
Waste is one of the biggest trouble in the world. Material which is remain after using the basic or the prior material that is known as waste.      Read More
 caste system india
Humanity is the biggest religion. And human being itself is a diamond. We all had born with different abilities, skills, knowledge, atmosphere but the thing which connects us all is Humanity.      Read More
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