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Caste system in India

caste system in india muskanforall

Caste system in India

Caste system in India

Humanity is the biggest religion. And human being itself is a diamond. We all had born with different abilities, skills, knowledge, atmosphere but the thing which connects us all is Humanity.  We live in the same land, use the same natural recourses and all the natural recourses never differentiate. Since borders are which created by humans only….But still some people has created difference between them and give this difference a name known as caste…

Religion never teaches anyone about divisions… But to said someone that they are different from you or they are superior to you in no basis this is known as caste. To break this wall many has raised their voices on different times. Such as Dr. Ambedkar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and many others. But it’s very hurtful to say that even in the 21th centenary condition is same. It’s better than the worst but still the condition is same in many places.

We have countless examples of this from past till now… Even if we leave our paste we found that till today we have numerous examples of this.  Famous shows known as savdhan India,  and Satyamave Jayte and many other shows has try to bring out this reality that how still people are suffering from this… Many Ngo’s are working for this social cause and even government has try to do the best from his side but the problem is not in the atmosphere it is in the mind of us.

People’s mind has been set in way that they had started differentiating among the people. To break this we need to break our mindset. We need to think widely that how can someone be different from us when there is no reasons. People are not allowed to enter in the same temple, they are not allowed to drink from the same tap, they are not allowed to learn in the same school, Why?? Why?

Nobody can answer this question, still there is no answer for that.Since even those people who are creating this difference didn’t have any valid excuse for this. They even don’t know why they are doing so.

Dear friends, It’s a request from us specially from our team MUSKAN that please stop this nonsense… We are one, all of us blood are one, we can change our language, our tongue but not what we are... We are Human Being and let us be human… Don’t divide us   Please…. please.

Nobody has written to differentiate between humans... We all are one and let us be one….We already divided everything… our land, our water, oceans and sky but please don’ t divide humans. Let keep the humanity alive in our hearts…..Don’t  judged anyone from their caste…See the problem is in our mind, it is in our heart first we need to change our self… take a pledge today that we will not let it happen with anyone.Neither we do not allow it to do.

Remember!!!! When we will change India will change….  

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