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Child marriage | Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse

Child marriage | Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse

Child Marriage In India

 If we see the universe around us we may found that those things which has been born and come to this world are begin from somewhere. In other words everything was a kid before and slowly slowly it grows. If we see the plants around us they are growing if we see animals  birds around us they are growing and you know the best part of it is that when they are child or they are in the beginning stage they are the most beautiful one. No matter whose child is? whether it’s human or animal…. child is always innocent and beautiful. When ever we see a child a hidden smile come to our face.  Some scholars even said that when you are angry or disturbed or troubled just play with a child and all your stress will go away.

 What is child? Child is a human being who is not matured to take his own decisions and now there is another thing what is Marriage? Marriage is a mutual understanding between two parties. Child and Marriage are the two different concepts which never connects… On the one side, child is the one who can not take his own decision and on the other hand marriage is something which is depends upon the decisions. But there are certain people who want to join these two different directions.

If we have a closer look to our history we may found that child marriage was existed before and even in some place today also but at very rare point today. There is some age limits which government has decided to for the marriage of child. For girls it is 18 and for boy it is 21 before that if a girl or a boy get marriage either forcefully or knowingly that will be consider as illegal.

If look back into the history, we may found that at the early times what people used to do is they bond their kids into marriage and result of their marriage is very bad. First of all, children lost their childhood, they are bond in rituals and responsibility. Secondly, health problems. Girls getting marriage at the early age cause some health issues.

Government has taken lots of steps to control this situation and now it almost vanishes but still in few places of some villages it founds and now this is our duty to remove child marriage from even those small areas since these small areas are not in the list of government because it is happening Headingley.

Friends kids are our future and take a wise decision for our future is our duty. Sometimes we see lots of things and many times we neglect them. Please don’t neglect the happening around you and raise your voice for such kind of things. It’s not always import that when we belongs to something then only we have responsibility for that but sometimes we need to take a stand for our society also.

Remember, your one step has the power to change the world…..When you will change, the world will change.