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Discipline and Law

Discipline and Law

Discipline and Law

Discipline and law

Discipline is the most important factor of anyone’s life. Without discipline it is even difficult to imagine our life to be run in a correct track. From of the beginning when God created heaven and the earth He said it is good. There is a discipline in the nature. See the Sun every morning greets us on time and sets back on time. See those stars, planet and everything which is in it is good and all things are on time. Not even geographical things if we look at the animals and birds, they are always in the group just look at the ants always moving with the line.  Just look at your life.  We are living under certain boundaries. We all have certain rules in our home, in our work place, in our country, society and everywhere. But what is Rules, what is law and orders?  Why we need to follow them.

                 Law is basically set of rules. Every single person has his own law and rules, principles about his/ her life. Even when we talk about law we have law at our home, we have laws in our society, we had law at office, country.    Every place has his own law and orders, which must be followed by everyone. Without law we cannot even Imagine whether there will be discipline or not. Laws are meant to follow and we did. But when it comes to country we didn’t. Why???. Every single time from the head to bottom we became lazy about the low and order in our country. We did not want to follow them.  If talk about public queue then we never had queue. For example look at the bus stops, and other places, we never make queue. In terms of services, we never follow rules. We are always in the rush to get first.  There is no need to talk about places where we did not follow rules. Every single place we did not follow rules. No matter whether it is traffic, or anything else. And result, not hidden from anyone’s eye.  Sometimes people are in that much rush that they not even think whether their rush is effecting someone else life or not.  Last week I was traveling to somewhere, there was a long bridge on our journey. When I was crossing it, suddenly on the other side of road I found a car hit an auto. It was such a bad accident which I had ever seen from my eyes and we suddenly stop. Then my father and my Uncle ran for help. Since this accident happened in front of me, so that I am able to judge. It was the mistake of car driver that he was running to badly even we can easily estimate that his speed was definitely 80+ and the car and auto both were damaged badly even the lady sitting inside the auto passed away.  What I want to say through this is that, we became so much self centered that we do not carewither our deeds effects others or not.

                         As from being the eye witnesses of the above example, I just want to draw your attention towards the problem of not following the law and orders.  Low and orders are meant to follow. Therefore, it is our duty to follow them.  These days it has become a saying that ‘Rules are meant to be broken’ and people are easily applying this new saying in their life. Friends, rules are made for us not broke but to follow. Rules are for our benefits. As per a statics there are around 1, 37000 people were killed from the accidents happened on the year 2013. And the current situation is worst.   Every single day numerous accidents happened, and from them those numerous only few were registered.  Many times injuries are small and there is no police at the same time most of the times people do not want to engage themselves in police and cases therefore in many cases these accidents did not even registered.  But in several those cases which have been registered were the worst one. People were injured badly. Even those cases are the last and judgmental cases that when both parties were injured and they want judgment.

                         Friends, just try to change your mindset for once and you will see the difference. Follow rules, because they are meant for us. If we follow them it will be benefited for us only.  Do not be the reason of someone’s death.  Live and let others live….. Follow Rules if not for your sake then for other’s sake…

!!!!!Remember when we will change, the world will change…!!!!!