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Wedding of a daughter is the most joyful event for her family members. Along with bride and groom, it unites two families. But for poor or middle-class families it is like a financial burden. Hence we can say that it’s quite shameful, the way people are asking for dowries.

Legal amendments are necessary because:

In our Indian society, the status of girl‘s family is quite lower than groom‘s family. So it is quite important for them to fulfill the demands of groom family. Hence for happy married life of their daughter girl's parents do not refuse any kind of demand; whether it is related to money, gold or gifts.

They are in continuous fear that if in case they refused it; then their daughter won‘t get married; which is quite shameful. Unmarried or divorced daughter is a social stigma. So either by taking a loan from bank or lenders, they have to fulfill demands. After spending so much money on marriage or gifts; women does not have right to use it. This dowry pressure is continuously increasing in India. So to stop it some legal steps are taken which is under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961.


Even after marriage, some families demand dowry, which is absolutely wrong. All this becomes extreme when they start domestic violence on women. In such cases, women face all this till she can. As a result, either she is burnt by her in-laws or divorced. So at Muskan an NGO, we want that people should understand legal amendments made by Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. 

Types of actions which are taken in such cases are:

  • Section 304 B-Dowry Death
  • Section 306- Abetment to Suicide
  • Section 498 A- Cruelty to Wives
  • Section 406- Criminal Misappropriation of Trust

In such cases, the punishments are made by the judiciary after analyzing the case. For mental or physical harassment the laws are very strict. From fine to life imprisonment is there for the husband as well as family.

Legal amendments are necessary because

Parents can take certain action at the time of marriage:

  • It is important to understand that, the society in which we are living is made by us. So if anyone demands dowry during marriage then it’s better to say “No” directly.
  • It’s better to refuse their marriage proposal instead of making negotiations. This can be dangerous for your daughter’s future.
  • In case of love or arrange marriage, if grooms parents demand cash. Then it's better to complaint against them. So that they cannot do this with others; in the Dowry Prohibition Act these types of cases are immediately registered.
  • If you want to give cash to your daughter as a blessing; then deposit it in her account.
  • According to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961; if you are unable to resolve such issues by own. They can complaint against the people and ask for security.
  • A women can take her jewelry and cash with her if is divorced by a husband or thrown out from matrimonial home. In divorce cases, she can even demand alimony.
  • You can register a complaint and can mention the name, those who harassed you for dowry. You can enlist the name of items that are left behind in your matrimonial home. Your case will be registered by police under the Dowry Prohibition Act Section 498A or Section 406 of IPC.
Types of actions which are taken in such cases are

These are certain points which you need to understand and at Muskan an NGO, we want to educate people about this. So in this your little bit concern can help us to end up this dowry pressure.