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Electricity Problem in India

Electricity Problem in India

Electricity Problem in India

Electricity is the man-made resources which has been discovered by the Benjamin Franklin.  Electricity has been discovered by someone else but it has become a part of our life.  Today, electricity without electricity we cannot even imagine our life since the entire home and outdoor appliances has been running through electricity only. Electricity is not only an invention but it’s a gift since today the entire world has been dependent on it.

Benjamin Franklin invented electricity nearly about 261 years ago.  And from that day on wards the world is full of electricity. Later on Thomas Alva Edison has invented bulb and these two inventions bought the revolution on the earth.  Since the day these inventions are done till that day everyone is using it.. As the time has been passing whether on one hand other inventions are done and at the same time on the one hand all other inventions are dependent on these two basic inventions.  But in these speedy environment and inventions centuries there are still some places in India who haw yet not received the electricity.  Yes it is even unbelievable that there are many houses in India who do not have received the electricity in India yet.

If we have a closer look on the current situation we found that at the mean time the situation of India is not good. Even if 99% of population is getting electricity but still 1% of population is not getting it. And even those 99% of population is not getting it properly.  People are facing this problem every day.   Who will be blamed for this situation?  As per the present scenario if we have the closer look we may found that no one is ready to take the blame but at the same time the reason behind this less power supply and excess demand.  As per a report the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has been faced 10,000 MV electricity in last 15 years.

Why the problem of power cut is still there?

India is failed to fulfill the target of the electricity supply. The main reason behind these is might difficult to target but at the same time we cannot hide the fact that in terms of electricity not even a single state or even a single place in India is providing good electricity.  

Our contribution

Instead of blaming government what we can do as our contribution is we can save electricity at our home, at our workplaces. Since everybody has been aware with the fact that it is easy to consume electricity but at the same time it is very difficult to generate it. If we take the pledged that we will try to save it as much as we can than this problem is going to be sought out. What all we need to do is just switch off the fans, and lights after leaving room. Don’t forget to plug off the charger after charging.  If we all started taking care of all those small small things then through us only we could be able to save ample amount  of electricity and those 1% of houses without electricity will get electricity as well.