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Help Orphaned Children, How To Help Charity, Helping Orphans in India

Help Orphaned Children, How To Help Charity, Helping Orphans in India

Help Orphaned Children, How To Help Charity, Helping Orphans in India

Help orphan Kids

Every human being in this world has come out from someone .No matter wither you are male or female, plant or animal. Living being means that we have come out of some one.   Someone is there we come out of like our parents, specially our mother. Even all the religions taught us that the humans and the entire earth have been created with the word.  
Let’s talk about the humans. We all born through our mother and if as an adult we remember our childhood,  we even started crying to remember that that were the golden period of our life. We have been cared by our parents; they are always there for us. No worry, No tension, just because our parents are there but there are many more kids who don’ t know who are their parents.   And even lots of kids who do not have their parents and even there are still many kids who lose their parents.   They don’t know what the love of mother is, how father cares.

As per statics studies it has been acknowledge that out of 20 million of the kids, 4% of the kids are orphans.

What is Orphan?

Orphan is a Latin word which means the one who has no parents.

Even we cannot imagine what will be the life of those kids who don’t have their parents.  There are millions of Orphanages   in India and not even India but at the same time world wide and if we look at   the life of these kids they might getting good facility but they there is still lack of love, care , security all that hidden things which they can get if they had parents.   But at the same time we don’t even denied with the fact that they are not even getting proper and good facility as well.  

As an individual we might happy in our daily life but at the same time we need to think about these kids also. Just imagine, what if it’s happened with us? How do we see our self? Even if imagining is heartfelt so just think about them who are facing it daily.

It’s a question for us today dear friends, is it our responsibility or Not to help these orphan kids? Are we so selfish that we are only thinking about ourselves? It’s not a matter for us at all what other‘s are doing?   No, it’s do matter for us since we are also the part of this society.

Through this article I want to attract your attention towards the pitiful life of these kids.   Friend’s no matter whose kids but kids are the solution of the entire problem, when you are in depression try to spend some time with the kids and automatically your mood will boost up. Kids are never belongs to anyone, they are always our responsibility and as human we need to take care of our responsibility.

Through this article we would love to encourage you to please help the orphan kids. They also requires love, security, protection, attention at the same time they also in the want for the facility and parents. If possible then please try to adopt a kid and   if not they try to give help them. We really don’t know our help changes into blessings.

Remember!!! when we will change the world will change.