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Help Widows

Help Widows

Help Widows

Women are the part of our society. Without women it is even difficult to imagine the society. A single woman plays a variety of roles in our life. Since the day we born till the day we die a women is there who always holds us, support us. But if we look into our society, we may found that the talented human being who never retires with her duty has no value in this society. Yes, I am talking about the women. In India the condition of women is very bad and this became worst when the women became widow.  

Widow is who? When a women’s husband passed away then the she called ‘Widow’ in the society.   It is the global truth the women have to depend on men’s. This is a women who changes her house, who left her family and went for a new world only because a man and it is also not necessary he will treat her well and the moment he died her entire world destroyed.

Since the construction of the society was in a way that women need to be dependent on the man and  this is the biggest reason behind the bad condition of women in India. As per a global statics on every seven widow women there is a woman who is extremely poor and that’s what the statics of 21th centenary. Some women’s are too old that they cannot earn themselves. Some are not skilled to learn at the sometimes many people do not want to have a widow employ.  And not only these factors are responsible but widow women don’t   even get a respectful place in the society and not even in the society but at the same time not even in their homes as well.   Widow women’s are called bad luck and that’s why they have been kept out from the religious ceremony, family functions etc…They are not authorized to wear color full cloths and do girly and womanly make up. They are strictly advised to wear white cloths and not to go more outside from their residence. There are only few women who choose to remarriage after the death of her husband at the same time these some educated women have the willing to live alone but still the actual condition of widows in India is very- very poor and unaccepted.  

There are lots of NGO’s working for the widows at the same time government has opened some of the homes for the widows but still the conditions of widow is not good at all. Dear friends, through this article I want you to have some soft space in your heart especially for the widow women.  Respect them, help them, they are also the part of our society and we need to help them.   We need to change our mind set towards them and encourage them for the growth, help them to get better job, to remarriage, to live for her, to live for her kids, to be self dependant.   Physical help is not the only solution for this problem but at the same time we need to provide her psychological help as well since she was totally broken from inside. Therefore, with the money we need to spend time with her also.

Our one step has willing to change the world, remember when we will change world will change….