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Deforestation has been listed as the vital factor that contributes in the global climate change of a habitat. It is a well-known fact that deforestation can be a big problem in this world with hundreds and even thousands of vulnerable forest being cut down. These all happen to fulfill the need of tinder and to make way for arable farmland for cows as well as other livestock animals. However, not only this can be behind in increasing rate of deforestation but it could easily lead to loss of variety of species of animal, trees and plants. Many of those species are yet to be discovered and it can have devastating effect on the climate of a place.

One of the major reasons for the same is because all the forests all over the globe are naturally named as carbon sinks. However, the areas with natural environment like ocean that could take carbon dioxide from atmosphere and it can be converted to oxygen. However, other animals could safely breathe in that natural environment because of forests. We have been causing a quite inadvertent change in nature by cutting down wide areas of forest and even without replacing trees. This also brings change in amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere that can have huge impact on rest of the world.

Some major causes of deforestation

According to Muskaan NGO, there could be multiple reasons for which people cut forests all over the world. However, some of the reasons are also mentioned below:

Wood and Timber

This reason is quite obvious and permissible. Everyone needs timber and wood for building houses, furniture and other important items that can help in proper living. It is also estimated by Muskaan NGO that the owners of logging industry cut 500,000 hectares of forest all over the forests of a particular habitat every week. However, many of these trees are never replaced by the illegal loggers.


It could be strangely biggest and enough threat to the forests in this world. People not only cut forests when they need wood or timber, but sometimes it is their demand to have new farmland for growing crops and making grazing lands for domestic animals. Hence, 80 percent of farmland that has been created between years 1980 to 2000 has huge areas of forests to get completely cut down.


Every year the population of this world is increasing and everyday someone is taking birth and the older generation live longer. The number of people has been increased in some previous years that it used to be. This also means that people need place to reside and build houses. However, cutting down forests and making places to accommodate is the only way to have enough places for the increasing population of this world.

Palm Oil

The palm oil tree produced in this world has come from the wide expense of forests that is cut down by the industrialists and other trees or plants have not been planted to replace them. Palm oil as well as other consumer items that have been harvested from huge areas of forest all over the globe has demand for these sorts of product to grow and the numbers of trees are cut down.


Until a person starts to make huge effort for recycling paper, everyone is going to cut down forest all over the world. Hence, recycling is one of the most common practices that are followed by the volunteers of Muskaan NGO. Paper is still common and even in today’s world that is packed with the technology as well as paperless machines.

Plant trees to prevent devastating change in climate

You might not be aware of the fact but change in climate is majorly caused by the cutting down of trees. However, planting trees is one of the best ways listed by the expert environmentalists of Muskaan NGO to prevent the devastating change in nature.