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How Deforestation Can Cause Soil Erosion


It is an obvious fact that logging as well as clear cutting of the rain forests has been listed as some of the major causes of soil erosion all over the world. When it is about Amazon rain forest of Brazil the area of size of the football field is cut at every second by humans. This as a result leaves vast swaths of land that is prone to rain, flood, winds and cause erosion as well. The roots of trees are known for holding soil together and retain water inside an ecosystem. Thus, habitat of a place can be destroyed by deforestation as well as subsequent cycle of erosion set in motion. This is the reason by the prevention of forests is quite important for every person and organisms residing there. Trees are referred to as the major source of oxygen in today’s world. Here is what you need to know about the effects and causes of deforestation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
What are the causes of deforestation?

Deforestation is usually caused by activities like unsustainable ranching, logging, as well as mining and it can lead to fast as well as widespread erosion of the soils of rain forest. The logging companies clear-cut the large areas of rain forest as well as ranchers with little land and it allows cattle to overgraze the delicate rain forest grass. Agriculture is known to be another major cause of erosion as well as deforestation. However, farming result in the replacement of forest with the crops. The roots of the non-native plants such as soybeans and cotton do very little in holding rain forest soil in their place.


The half of the world topsoil has been lost because of soil erosion and according to all the data provided by the conservation fund of Muskaan NGO. Deforestation is known to be the direct cause of erosion that occurs in tropical rain forest.  Once the cover of plant is gone, there are no roots that can hold soil in place during the heavy rains of tropical rain forest that was then washing away the topsoil as well as the nutrients. This helps regenerating the future vegetation of a place.

Compounding Factors

Logging companies could also compound the effects of deforestation as well as erosion n the entire ecosystem.  Whenever the heavy logging trucks compact the thin soil of a habitat then it prevents the growth of new plants in that particular place. Logging rods can leave a quite deep tire mark which can erode at a very accelerated pace and it could deposit a high volume of sediment inside the rivers and streams. Land that is cleared of the trees for making ways for agriculture to dry out inside the transition. It could kill diverse host of organisms that could perform beneficial ecosystem for vegetation.

Consequences of Erosion

The deforested rain forest soil usually becomes nutrient-deficient and dry, as there would be no longer vegetation for holding water as well as nutrients in their place. Heavy rain usually erodes the soil and it could saturate the waterways with excess amount of nutrients, disrupting the food chains of a particular ecosystem. The eroded sediment could even change the course of rivers such as Yangtze in China that suffers from the huge deposits of the slit coming from deforestation. According to Muskaan NGO, desertification is known to be another obvious consequence of erosion through deforestation. When enough of your plant cover is lost, erosion take over and it forms lush rain forest could be transformed into the arid desert.

Why Muskan NGO is saving trees ?

The expert environmentalists of Muskaan NGO have been working hard to provide a safe and secure environment for people to live. However, their volunteers help them to save tress and prevent deforestation by planting new trees after a desired time. This practice of Muskaan NGO is listed as one of the best practices that can save an entire ecosystem.