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How development of skills has been changing status Indian economy


Education is known to be the process of facilitating learning skills, knowledge, beliefs and values. Therefore, education could also determine the future of the country as it has all the powers for changing everything. We have come across various philosophies such as realism, naturalism, idealism and modern philosophies. However, these philosophers believe that the traditional method of learning is good along with all the modern concepts. Apart from all these ways, older way of the educational methodology such as Gurukuls, and students have to learn and stay the mantras. This is Upanishad by games, storytelling, managing battles, leadership skills, and moral values. Thus, the drawback of this method is only applicable to different groups of people who are from forwarding castes.

Education also helps in contributing to economic growth by imparting some basic moral values, attitudes and some particular skills that are important for a variety of places. It usually contributes to the growth of economic conditions by improving health, reducing political stability and fertility. The results achieved have also shown that long-run relationships between the enrolments of tertiary and primary levels along with average years of schooling with workers output. Moreover, results revealed that well-educated labor usually forces a significant as well as positive impact on the economic growth of India. This happened through the accumulation of factors and evaluation of productivity.

Present Educational System in India
The educational system of India is producing more and more graduates every year. However, the passed out graduates usually lack basic communication as well as problem-solving skills. Those are quite important for a person to avail of elementary jobs. Today education is usually seen only in earning money. Education has been offered to people for earning good money and educational institution have been commercialized.

When it is talked about the present curriculum of India, then it could be said that it is 30 years old and outdated. Some of the institutions have been stuck to the old curriculum. However, few people would like to fight and change along with futile battle for changing this rule. Hence, there is a need of massive change in present world and development of new curriculum along with the administration of planned one. Vocational training is important for practical work as much importance is provided to the theoretical classes rather than practical classes because of multiple issues.

Importance of Education, Skill and its Impacts on Employability
Education is listed as the backbone for the development of a family and women education is quite important. Nowadays, education value has been earning a degree without goal. The major reason this happened is reinforcement lack and loss of hope for employment. A nation does not need goalless, pointless youngsters instead they need talented, skillful, mindful youth.  They could compromise the dynamic society and improving the status of country among other developing countries. Therefore, the government has the responsibility to bring hope as well as set ideal stage for Indian youngsters to highlight their skills. This will increase employment status of India and enhance the economic condition.

Every individual of India has to think and provide an answer to a question such as where they stand? What they have and where they need to go? What is their lifetime goal? How status can be brought up in Indian society? This is not for people but it is for entire nation. Some goals should be set up by the nation on what they have and what initiative should be taken for improving economic growth. Muskaan NGO usually pays attention to the sectors that can enhance the economic growth of country. Therefore, select the kind of areas as well as plan strategies for implementing methodology. This should contain all the required skills and education development along with a plan for regular monitoring.

Why Muskan NGO focus on youth skill development?
Muskan NGO is well aware of the fact that the youth of a country can enhance the economic condition of a country. Moreover, various steps can bring up skill development activities for youth can bring employment. Muskan NGO also launches various campaigns to make people aware of the activities that can enhance skills.