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How Other Factors Are Being Affected By Dowry


When we come across evils against women then the dowry system is one of them which affected in different ways to our society. There are several issues that had been raised due to dowry systems like domestic violence, rapes, murders and many more. There is a need to think about the women who are most affected by this system and had to bear the negative consequences of the dowry system. Dowry had been the major problem for past centuries and is creating havoc on the parents of the girl who wants to marry. The monetary extraction of creating a social problem in society and also ruining the peaceful environment. Several things are getting affected due to dowry and are mentioned below.

It is important to have control over the dowry system and look after the people who are asking for dowry. For this Muskan The NGO had taken the initiative and are working for the families who are prone to these dowry systems. The members of NGOs work for the rules of women and help them to get rid of each problem. The Dowry system is affecting in several ways and to know about it in detail refer to the below-given information.

Dowry is affecting society in different ways

Fewer women to men ratio

When we think of the population than there is a lot of imbalance as there is a number of males in comparison to females. Dowry systems act a bacteria which is ruining the life of a female. The family who is not able to fulfill the demands of the spouse of their daughter comes across several tortures. There are cases where females are burned alive and even subjected to death. In this way, the female population is reducing day by day. It is important to realize that if you marry a girl then he or she is not a bank or ATM that will fulfill your needs. There is a need to have equal and strict rights for crimes against women.

Inequality is raised

It is obvious that girls are not treated equally as boys they are restricted to everything and also less money is spent on them. The stress of their future marriage and dowry too ha sd made the parents restrict their daughters to educate. As they think that spending on education will cause a loss of money and they will not able to pay the dowry afterward. Thinking about future consequences the present of the girls is affecting. In this way, the inequality in the homes is raised. The parents tend to put stress and hamper her from birth and also treated unequally as compared to men.

Domestic violence had increased

The crimes against women in rural and even urban areas had been increased over time. As people are forcing their daughter in law to bring dowry and if they are not supposed to do it. Then she and her family are tortured and exploited at different levels. She is prone to domestic violence by her husband and other family and is pressurized for the dowry. Extreme steps are taken by the family to torture women at an extreme level. There is a need to take strict actions against the family for the rights of women and avoid domestic violence.

Decreasing the economic status of the family

There are several families who paid extreme level dowry beyond their capacity. The effect of meeting the demands of their relatives is leading to a decrease in their financial status. In this way it is directly affecting the economy of the family. Spending beyond the limit cause parents to take loans and live in stress. Financial security is directly affected due to the dowry and if strict rules have accomplished then everyone can live without any fear.

Increase suicidal case

Many of the time due to the dowry system in the home the women start thinking in their mind that they are not able to help their family and are burden o the family. Out of the depression, many women and their parents are prone to suicide and cause havoc on them. There is a need to offer limelight and think of the women and stop the dowry system.

When we think of avoiding the dowry system then there are several factors that we can avoid that are linked to the dowry system. The government had made many rules against the dowry and helped women to protect them. It is important to create social awareness about the dowry and stop them before it becomes too late. It is important to take strict steps towards women's safety and analyze the situation about the dowrysystem. For this Muskan NGO is working for years and looking forward to stopping dowry in the country.