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How skill Improvement program plays an important role in development


When it comes to the development of India then we are lacking behind in several things and which ultimately affecting the growth of India. However, there is a need to develop every sector right from agriculture to industrial sectors to increase the GDP of the country. To work on these issues PM Modi had initiated a comprehensive program that helps to train the individuals and also improving on the different sectors. The government had opted for a skill India program to help every sector to reach at top level. For this the government through providing the skilled manpower that can work in each sector and improve on the growth of the sector.

Skill India provides skill improvement programs for the welfare of society. Local and other workers who want to get wages and improve on their skills can get register themselves for this program and enjoy the benefit of it. PM Modi directly contacts local to foreign companies who are searching for skilled workers and through these program aims of PM is to fulfill the requirement of the company and providing jobs to jobless people.

Reasons why skill improvement programs are important

Provide skilled manforce
Skill India programs help every individual to provide training in each course related to every sector. Every company whether it is local or foreign requires potential workers who can work for them and give their best at each level. Finding the right candidate is not an easy task therefore if they had direct linked with skill India programs then they will able to provide jobs to the people who are taking training through skill India program. People from every area get easily jobs in big companies and MNCs without any hassle.

Provides knowledge
Skill India is one of the best skill improvement programs that helps to enhance the skill of the person. It had been estimated over 400 million people are provided the training under this program in different areas and in different fields. To help people to become confident in their work this program helped to train indicates by providing them the knowledge and also help people to showcase their skills and improve upon their skills for their development.

Provides financial security
Most of the people living in rural and even urban areas are deprived of education due to lack of money and lack of financial security. Looking forward to it PM Modi had provided skill loan schemes to help people to provide education and training to them in different sectors. For the training there is a requirement of fees and everyone cannot pay it, so the government is providing loans to every individual who wants to train themselves in their courses. In this way, the government is also helping to eradicate the problems of poverty, unemployment and also helped in the development of the rural and other remote areas.

Providing job to every age group
PM Modi not only helped young citizens to enhance themselves but also helped middle-aged people to get jobs so that they can earn easily and become independent. This scheme helps people of every age group to work under different categories and work according to their comfort level. For women work from home facility is available and for old age, people work like weaving, wrapping and packing is available. In this way, every member of the family can earn easily without any hassle.

How Muskan NGO is helpful?
Muskan NGO is creating awareness and helping people to get themselves register and work for themselves. With the help of campaigns, NGOs are working on creating awareness about the benefits of skill improvement programs. The government had has taken care of every section of the society and worked on each section to help everyone. With the help of several courses they not only helping individuals in employment but also helping to increase the literacy rate of India.