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How skill India can revolutionize Future of India


Today corporates have come forward in addressing the skill gap issue in India. These corporates have been trying to fill that void with the help of certified and trained labor face. However, various aspects of this mission need proper consideration for marinating the successful implementation. From last some years, the government of India has come upon with initiatives such as Skill India and Make in India campaign. The major aim of this campaign is to solve major challenges that could hinder the country's progress. 

Since the launch of these campaigns, missions have garnered support from multiple initiators and industries that came forward for addressing the issue of skill gaps all over the country. However, there are multiple aspects for a mission that requires proper consideration for maintaining successful implementation all over India.

These missions upskill over 40 crore people in the multifarious field until 2022 and it could seem like an achievable task upon paper. However, an undertaking of such magnitude requires constant deliberation and needs to be improvised at every step for countering challenges on the success path. Furthermore, it could be predicted that the government might need to devote more than 8 Lakh Crore for funding this mission and providing employment.

Over a couple of months, we have been witnessing that ‘Skill India' then it has been talked about various occasions and especially on how could this mission be achieved. Most people have this idea over the extent of this initiative and it could help thousands of students for becoming ready for a professional job with ideal training. Let us see how skill India can help in maintaining the future of India.

Ways to revolutionize India’s future

Increase in employment ratio
The market of Job was majorly compromised in India for candidates that were educated well and lack the skills to fulfill the requirements for a specific job profile. Hence, by taking help from the initiative named ‘Skill India', individuals are able to achieve appropriate training across multiple fields from designated institutions. This helps them to become a job-ready professional and improve the economy of India.

Increase in productivity
With the help of skill development activities, people are able to improve productivity along with proper guidance. This could further help in increasing the efficiency of a person. This mission aims to create a skilled workforce for improving the situation of India labor force and manifold.

Allow youth to achieve blue-collar jobs
The scheme named PMKVY under the mission of ‘Skill India' could allow youth for achieving blue-collar jobs. Since people who are undergoing training with this initiative can receive official certification. This could help them in validating their training and getting access to better prospects of jobs.

Skill development at the secondary and primary education level
The mission of ‘Skill India’ helps in encouraging as well as promoting skill development at school level for bridging skill gap. However, doing the same could create confident individuals for future jobs. This helps them to embark on their professional journey without any problem.

This improves employment scene inside rural demography
Since the skill gap problem is prevalent inside their rural population of India, it has turned out to be important to upskill this section and recognizing their talents for employability. Hence, with the help of ‘Skill India', many individuals from rural regions are able to secure well-paying jobs after training sessions. If this trend has been carried forward, the rural demography would be able in significantly contributing its share as well as further development of India for great extent. However, this might be a difficult task to get information of facts that could restore faith of people regarding mission and system.

Muskan NGO helps in developing skill of rural sectors
The major problem faced by the rural areas in unemployment and this results in low GDP rate of the country. However, Muskan NGO has been creating awareness regarding the skill training programs offered by the mission ‘Skill India'.  Therefore, having skill development sessions can help in revolutionizing the future of India.