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How the change in climate is affecting our life?

How the change in climate is affecting our life?

How the change in climate is affecting our life?

Climate change is always a point of concern for everyone and dealing with this problem would not be easy for a person. Well, change in climate is a major sign of increasing global warming all over the world. Hence, climate change is affecting our lives largely as it could not only affect a person but it also has severe effects on our ecosystem. The truth is that change in climate is usually affecting most of the people all over the world. From the time we wake to the time we sleep, global warming is affecting our health largely. Let us see some of the ways in which climate change or global warming is affecting our lives.

Where global warming is affecting our live?


The action climate is something what is ordered by doctor and this is meant literally. The professional have been sounding increasingly the alarm about the consequences as well as risks of regularly burning the fuels such as petroleum. The major problem about the same dirty fossil fuel emission can lead to respiratory diseases as well as greenhouse effect. The respiratory diseases can affect children and elderly people.


There is usually no place like house but when it is about living inside the coastal communities, sea level rinsing. However, all these can also lead to unwanted sudden move. The global warming usually result in melting of glaciers as well as ocean water expands and lead sea level to rise by 7 to 8 inches. The volume of water that is added to oceans creep up and it slowly swallows lands as well as homes and it fuel more amount of flood inland. For example, from year 2005 to 2015 in United States the median annual number of the flood days and it is more than doubled upon the East Coast that is between North Carolina as well as Florida. The increase of global warming can increase water level of sea and taking your life to risk. 


It is a well-known fact that no two people have same nature, appearance and habitat. However, every person does something regardless of his culture, language or personality is eating food. Therefore, it is hard for a person to ignore the impacts of the global warming as well as climate change on food. The same amount of CO2 accumulated in our atmosphere and all thanks go to the fossil fuel is the change in composition of vegetables as well as fruits that we eat. This result in making food items quite low nutritious. Hence, extra amount of CO2 usually speed up the process of photosynthesis. This could also cause the plants to grow with less calcium, zinc, protein, and essential vitamins along with more amount of sugar.

Why it is important to take preventive steps for dealing with global warming?

Muskan an NGO understands that global warming can affect your health. So choosing ideal measures can help us. So in this it is important to apply certain preventive measures and without your support it is not possible. The studies done by expert helps a person to make a clear idea of the effects related to global warming. Hence, above-mentioned are some of the ways in which the global warming is affecting our lives daily.  This information would provide you a better understanding of the global warming effects on daily life of a person.