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How the dowry system is affecting the status of women


Every girl wants to get married in a family where he or she can live happily afterward without any problem. Yet there are several kinds of evils that are affecting the life of the girl and are affecting the status of women too. One of the evil is dowry that is affecting deeply the roots of the dowry system. The roots of dowry had been expanded in a way that leads to several kinds of effects. Dowry had made the custom and culture in which the parents had to give money and other accessories to their daughter for their happy life.

However many people are exploiting the custom and demanding the high monetary funds from the girl's family. There is a need to assure stability to the family and make the women feel safe in society. For the well being and best future of women, many of the organizations are looking forward to helping the women who are facing criticism against dowry. Like Muskan, The NGO who is working for the benefits of the women and had worked on improving the status of women in society.

Ways in which dowry is affecting the status of women

Make women weaker
The Dowry system is not only affecting the women but also make them internally weak in society. When they come across the fact that their families had to give monetary benefits to the spouse family. Then they feel it like a burden and tend to depressed themselves. With the time when they enter a family where all are pressurizing her for dowry then it becomes a problem for her. Due to extreme domestic violence, she becomes a victim and becomes weak internally. However, there is a need to create a peacefully and stress-free environment to make women strong.

Increase the case female foeticide
When a girl is born in a family then the fear of dowry is born along with the birth of the female child in the mind of parents. Especially n case of women who themselves are the victim of dowry and leading a tortured life. Hence they think that giving birth to females will be problematic and will create a mess in the life of the unborn female child. Such women under depressed conditions opt for abortion and female foeticide due to the financial crises and for their security. Cases of female foeticide had been more in rural areas than in urban areas and there is a need to control them before it becomes too late.

Limit the rights of women
Being a girl had become the crime in such areas as most of the girls when facing the dowry-related problems in the family. Almost half of the girl population is not getting equal rights as men due to the fear of dowry. When the female is born in the family then automatically the family tend to deprived female for the rights of freedom, speech, and others. Due to dowry, the rights of women are limited and they are limited to several other things too. To enhance the right to equality there is a need to enhance the rules and regulations against the dowry system.

Creating competitions among the family
It is the most common thing that is seen in the people that if one person is demanding the amount of dowry then another person is demanding more money to other families. Dowry practicing one family is rebuking other families to practice the dowry system and hence affecting the lives of people too. Dowry had created the competition among the families and even the girls who are getting married to another family where another girl is demanding the same.

Social imbalance
The dowry had a vast effect on the status of society as well. The Dowry system which is widely practiced in several areas and is practiced for years needs to be balanced in the effective. The Dowry system creates leverage on the girls and their families and is one of the serious issues. If the demand of the people who are asking for the dowry is increasing then there is a need to create a law that avoids dowry as it is directly affecting the society and even affecting the mindset of people.
The exploitation of women on the basis of dowry had increased over the years and a burden to the family of the girl. Hence it is important to take care of the rights of the women and work upon those factors in detail. Dowry is one of the major issues of concern in the case of women and their safety as well and there is time to take strict action towards women.

One of the best NGOs, Muskan NGO that organized several campaigns and rallies against stopping the dowry. Although there is a need to create awareness among girls and women to raise their voice against the dowry system and make themselves strong in front of others for the best benefits.