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How water conservation is important in the agriculture sector?

How water conservation is important in the agriculture sector?

How water conservation is important in the agriculture sector?

Water is one of the most valuable resource which needs to be conserved and need to avoid this misuse.  Especially when it comes to the agriculture sector which is dependent on water sources. However, there are several reasons that whey there is a need to save water for agriculture. Some of the reason is mentioned below and helps to aware people about water conservation. With the scarcity of water in agriculture sectors, there are several problems that farmers face.

 The agriculture sector is, however, one of the main consumers of water and needs water at regular intervals. Our economy is dependent on agriculture and we are dependent on agriculture. Therefore, it is important to value water for increasing agriculture production.  Water conservation can be done in several ways to reduce the losses of water and problems while the production of crops. Let us know more about the importance of conservation of water in detail.   

Reasons  why  there is a need to conserve water in the agriculture sector

To prevent  soil  degradation

With the loss of water in the underground systems, the surface gets dry and which ultimately causes degradation of soil. It is important to reduce the loss of water to prevent the fertility loss of soil. Water in the soil helps to keep the soil fertile and also increases the water holding capacity.  It is important to prevent water losses from underground surfaces due to over-pumping of water. Over pumping of water cause soil erosion and decrease the fertility of the soil.

For efficient irrigation

Every crop had different irrigation systems and need had different water consumption ability. The conventional farming systems which make use of modern methods of irrigations help to conserve water and prevent its loss. During summers there is a need to have maximum water, especially for rice plantation. In areas where water is scarce, rice plantation can be affected which directly affects the irrigation process.  Storing water and avoiding misuse will help to cope up with scarcity of water and prevent its loss from the surface of the earth. 

Maintain the  soil  ecosystems

It is important to maintain healthy soil ecosystems for the best soil practices and cropping systems.  For the better stand of crops on the soil, it is important to maintain the soil structure. There are times when due to over drilling of the area leads to soil erosion which directly effects crop production.  For sustainable agriculture, it is important to have required irrigation so that all the processes related to transpiration and evaporation could be carried out easily For the healthy ecosystems all the water cycle should be carried out continuously without any problem.

Increase the production

Growing crops is not an easy task and needs several natural resources.  Water is one of the main natural resources that should be efficient while cropping to increase production. Insufficient water leads to improper growth of the crops and effects their production. 

Conserving water in the agricultural sector is important to increase the production of crops as well as to maintain the system of the environment. At Muskan an NGO, we educate kids and adults about water and natural reasources. Therefore with your help and best techniques it is important to conserve the water. With the help of several ways and use of modern agriculture water conserving methods, it is easy to save water and conserve it in the agriculture sector.