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How women empowerment is beneficial for women


Women empowerment is one of the major concepts that one needs to understand. women empowerment means the ability of women to be decision-makers and fight for their rights if needed. Although empowerment is followed in every sector ranging from social, economic, political, legal and many others. Women empowerment is a major issue of concern that needs to get in the limelight for the best care of women. Women are working in every sector and are leading equally to men. Therefore, there is a need to make women independent in their life and offer them the best empowerment.

With an increase in several crimes against women, the need for women empowerment had been raised. There is a need to create a level of women and offer to resect to women to make them feel independent. For the welfare of women Muskaan, The NGO who is working for years to help women to make them aware that how they can balance themselves in every situation without any hassle. Women's empowerment is not limited to rural areas, there is an equal need in an urban area. As women empowerment had several benefits and offer women freedom and equality. There are several benefits of women empowerment and for that refer to the below-given information.

Benefits of women empowerment in the case of women

Independent life

There is a need to make sure that women are independent in their life their daily needs and requirements. Many of the women do not work and are housewife due to which most of the men think that they are useless. Women need to earn their livelihood by themselves. However, the government raised the need for economic empowerment to provide work to every woman who needs financial security in their life and wants to live independently in their life.

Decision maker

Empowerment acts like a beast tool when women work as a leader and had to make decisions. Women are leading the world in every field from sports to politics. However, there are times when women act as a leader and had to take tough decisions in their life. It is important to take decisions in the way that they satisfy all. Well, in that case, political empowerment and social empowerment play an important role in providing equal rights to women and men in society.

Safe working environment

Women empowerment provides women with a safe environment in the private as well as government sectors where they work. The safety of women was the first thing that was analyzed by the government and many rules and regulations were initiated for it. Women empowerment is giving the rights and legal protections to the women who are working to offices and other commercial areas. If the employment of women and their workspace will be safe they will be safe. Women empowerment provides the best way to give exposure to women who are working in outside areas.

Right to freedom

Women empowerment is the best way to help women to get out of exploitation and harassment. It provides women with equal rights as men which includes the right to freedom, right to speech, right to work, right to vote, right to elect. Well, freedom is the birthright of every individual. Therefore for the progressive society, it is important to provide women with equal freedom and opportunity to work and to move further in life. If women are not empowered, then there will time when they will always serve as a servant of the nation.

Increase economic growth

The GDP of the country eventually increased when women will also work the same as men. When women will work and earn for the men as equal as men then obviously the income of the family will increase to a level that affects the GDP rate of India. The fair and equal access to all the jobs and opportunities will help the government to increase the growth rate of the country and also helps women to gain respect in front of others.
There is a need to make efforts to lead women in this contemporary society which needs to be transformed at every level; for the welfare and freedom of women. There is a need to change the era of the world and provide opportunities for both men and women equally. There are several factors that are responsible for declining the growth of women. Several problems related to women had disturbed the pace of women and have made important in the case of women empowerment.

Now it is high time that there is a need to initiate strict rules by the government which can improve the condition of the women. Many of the nongovernment organizations like Muskan The NGO who is working for the women and provide them empowerment wherever in need.