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How Women Empowerment Is Important In The Development Of Society


In today's world where all the things are advanced and even the thinking of people had been changed with time. There are still some areas where we lack and that is in the case of women. Well, its shocking everything is getting advanced but the empowerment of women is still awaiting. There are several societies where the women are not treated as same as men. They are not given the same rights which are given to men.  Also in working areas where men are paid high salaries and women, therefore, have low salaries. In urban areas where women are treated are same s men but it took a lot of struggle to make them reach to the same level as men. Even today women are treated like animals in some remote areas in the name of culture and society.
Well to overcome the several problems related to women, there is a need to have women empowerment which has become important in society. There is a need to have women empowerment for the equality of women and to eradicate gender discrimination.  There are several governments and nongovernment such as Muskan NGO that is working for years in case of women empowerment

Why there is a need to have women empowerment?

Gender equality

There are areas where women are treated differently based on gender discrimination. They were not given the same rights as men which includes working out of home, going to school, no social participation.  In that case, women's empowerment and awareness about it provide equal rights to women which involve the right to study, the right to work,  participation in social activities. It is important to know that encouraging women will ultimately lead to the bright future and development of society.  When women are allowed to opt for high-level education, they will try to educate others and as well as their children. 

Avoid domestic  violence

Women empowerment helps to aware women of their rights regarding domestic violence and physical torture. Crime related to women had increased over the years and made our women weak from inside. There is a need to aware of them, so several organizations promote the different rights which were implemented by the government and helps to reduce domestic violence and avoid physical abuse in women.
Right to  education

For the person to be strong it is not important to have a strong physique, important is to have an education.  Education is the most important factor that can decide the future of a person. However, in the case of women, it lacks. Almost half the population of women living in rural and even urban areas are illiterate and this is the reason they are not aware of their rights and power. Many of the organizations initiated to provide free education to women which were only possible under the encouragement of government towards women empowerment.  Women were not allowed to study, but today most of the women are leading in every field. Therefore it makes us know that how women's empowerment enhanced education development.
Women’s empowerment is important to make the women strong and to make them feel that they can handle each and everything.  An organization such as Muskan,  The NGO which worked in several fields like work for women, education,  rights for women and is encouraging the women. Empowering women change the life of women and provide the opportunity to examine and enhance their abilities to the next level.
Empowering women and encouraging them to different areas not only develop their inner abilities but also cause the development of the nation as well. It is important to provide equal right s to men and women at the same level for the development of scoiety.