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Jaundice in Adults Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Jaundice in Adults Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


Today, people are too much busy in their life that they even do not have time for themselves. They all are badly involved in business that they even forget about their health as well.  They are not taking care of themselves and that’s the reason why they are easily got engaged with lot of dieses.  Some dieses spread themselves wither some dieses spread when we comes in contact with others.  One of the dieses which often occur to anyone in India is known as Jaundice.


Jaundice is one of the harmful diseases. This disease is also known as Pelia in Hindi. This disease occurs because of lever failure.   And that’s the reason why this is not a contagious dieses.  The basic and the visible symptoms of this disease is paleness. Paleness can be seen easily on the skin and the white portion of the eyes. Fever, vomiting and weight loss are the common symptoms of jaundice.   Many times people are not aware with the symptoms of Jaundice and that’s why even getting it, they didn’t go for the proper treatment.


Like Jaundice, there is lots of other several other non contagious and contagious diseases which spread since the people are not aware with the symptoms that are why they do able to treat. Secondly, there are ample of people who are unable to pay the expenses of hospitals that are why this is important for us to help other. 

Muskan is an NGO helping people in the various fields. One of our main concerns is to help the nation and create helpful and healthy environment.  For this purpose what we in the field with ample of projects to help others.   We are having our medical van through whom we are trying to help those people who are not able to pay the expenses of the hospitals as well as medicines.  We were having a group of doctors who were giving regular visits to the villages and providing free medical services to the people.  

Today, there are several of people of people who are still in the need of our help and to help them we need to be united.  We need to be together, it is quite interesting to know that there are still ample of people who are unable to even earn two times of meals. So just imagine at once that what will happens if these people will get the dieses?   Do they able to have a proper treatment?  Definitely, it is quite tough for them to do so.   To help these kinds of people we need to be united and help them.

Therefore, this if you are interested to help others then please do not stop yourself for generosity and without wasting time call Muskan.  We will provide you the platform from which you can help others.  Muskan is providing you the option to help as the way you want. You can either provide monetary support not matter whatever will be the amount, you can be the volunteer or you can even provide the materialistic support as well.

Someone, is in the need of your help. Help now.