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Legal steps against dowry harassment

Crimes against women are increasing every minute. By looking at the dowry cases we can say that women are not even safe at home. No doubt, various laws are there for women protection. But still due to society or unawareness; victims usually remain silent.

Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 states that giving or taking dowry during marriage to bridegroom or bride is to be stopped. There are various penalties which are established by the government for Dowry system. In Indian marriages, dowry is given by the bride's family to groom and his family. It can be in the form of cash or expensive presents; which are taken forcefully.

How dowry system is affecting women?

The biggest problem is that it can be dangerous for our Indian society is that dowry system is strongly rooted. According to the Indian people mindset when after a marriage of women when she moves in her in-law's house it is an Indian culture to carry jewelry, cash or gifts.
We are hearing from last few years that this dowry system has increased a lot. Women, who raise voice against it, have only solution to get divorced. Moreover, those who remain silent or can't bear this mental harassment are burned or suicide. In recent years, on burning the bride there are ample cases filed in police stations.
The girls have to go through from tough phase if are not supposed to fulfill the demands of their in-laws. They are beaten by husband, tortured, and even burnt. Hence we can say that even after having strict laws it is the biggest challenge from which our society is struggling with. It is important to think about them so that women can complaint openly about the things which they are going through.

Legal steps for dowry
Legal steps which can help you:

  • The very first question which always revolves in our mind that who can complaint about dowry? According to Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, the victim women, her parents, relatives, the police, or even members of women welfare organizations can register complaint on behalf of the victim.
  • Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 states that it is a serious offence; a strict punishment is there for this crime. Minimum five year imprisonment as well as fine according to value demanded dowry.
Provisions related to dowry:

In 1980, various organizations arises their voice against dowry. Therefore in anti-dowry act, there should be strict punishment for the one who demands dowry; whether it is their husbands or family members.
In this some important points are added like:
  • If within 7-years, a woman died in the unnatural condition in her matrimonial home, then legal actions are taken against it.  Moreover, if she is found in suspicious circumstances, then it comes under Section 304B – Dowry Death.
  • In case a woman commits suicide due to any kind of mental or physical harassment within 7-years of her marriage, then Section 306 of IPC-Abetment i.e. of Suicide can be invoked.
  • If in court it has been found that woman has treated cruelty or harassed for dowry then as per the laws of Section of 498A strict punishment is there.
dowry system is affecting women

Therefore it is important to take strict action against the dowry demanders. It is important to teach others that Muskan an NGO is meant for those who are suffering from dowry harassments. WE are there to teach them a lesson so that no one tries to think of such crimes.

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