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Lingering Problem of Female Foeticide – Killing The Little Girls Of The World


Lingering Problem of Female Foeticide – Killing The Little Girls Of The World

From the last 50 years in India, fewer and fewer girls were allowed to born. This situation is very old and misunderstood in India. There are about 914 girls per 1000 boys between the ages of 0 to 6. This issue of endangered sex is not only limited to India but it has also extended to many countries around the globe.  The fact is that the most recent development in various countries is to terminate girls before their birth.

This became possible due to the misuse of ultrasound technology. This technology was a breakthrough in the medical field and was intended to allow doctors to investigate the fetus and detect any abnormality or neurological disorder. In India ultrasound is used to determine the sex of a fetus so that if it is female then to eliminate it even before its birth.

The Little Girls Of The World


In a country sex ratio is calculated after every 10 years, the census is the most reliable source of calculating data about gender ratio. There are many perceptions of sex-selective abortions.

Son Preference

The number one reason for female foeticide is listed to be the preference of sons over daughters. Girls are only considered a liability on a family until they are married off. Many people think that educating a girl is equivalent to investing in a failed venture. People think sons are only important to take their family name in the future, the only son can bring pride to their family and will take their care at old age.


In many states, sex-selective abortion is seen the same as simple abortion. The main thing is that the ban on sex-selective abortion has taken away the choice and rights of a woman to control her own body.  In our country sex selection is not only about abortion but it is about sex discrimination. Many people see this issue in terms of choices and rights and oppose it, but if there will be no women in this country then whose choices and rights will we talk about.            

Lingering Problem of Female Foeticide

Ignorance And Illiteracy

Another reason for the declining number of girls in India is the lack of ignorance and literacy. Based on this logic, the national literacy rate should reflect the change in the sex ratio of a country. After comparing the data between 2001 and 2011 census, every state and union territory of India reported improvement in their literacy rates. The fun fact is that females outnumbered males in literacy rates by 4 percent.

The Reality

No reason fits for the increased number of sex selective abortions. There are so many laws prohibited by our government to protect unborn girls, but still, female foeticide is a very big problem throughout. Changing the mindset of every person living in our country is a very hard task to perform; it will take a lot of time to do that. Archives of every local and national newspaper always report the instances of a female foetus found floating in water bodies or dumped in sewers.

save girl


The rapid decrease in the number of females in India is a problem that people will understand intellectually. But when it becomes a personal issue, they can go against their logic.  Many special groups, media, activists, like Muskan an NGO, and government organizations are trying very hard to spread awareness and put an end to female foeticide. So you can also collaborate with us by any means.

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