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Migration In India

Migration in India

India, world’s largest democratic country with the largest population in the world.   Being a country India is developing day by day. And there are lots of problems which have been facing by India but one of the problems which come over and again are the problem of Migration.

Migration is one of the biggest problems facing by India today.   Migration can be of two kinds. Migration inside the country and migration out of the country.  There are might be several of reasons while people were migrated. But whatever the reason problem has been facing by the government only.

As per an estimate there are over 14 million people who have been migrated every year. And the interesting and the noticeable thing over here is that from all these people 13% of them are man and only one percent of them are women.    There are many reasons why mans have been migrated and most of the time man’s were migrated from their birth place because of good job opportunity.    

Results of migration

As per the result of migration, there is a sudden increment in a particular place. Secondly, lack of resources and so on. Result might be many but the question which comes over again is why people need to migrate?

When there is lack of facility and the suitable environment at one place at that time people need to migrate from one place to another. Migration may cause many results; there will be lack of facilities at other place and so on.

Today, we had a small close up at the mean time scenario then we may found that there are only few places where MNC’s (Multi National Companies) has been settled out. And there are only few areas where other companies have been settled out.   And everybody wants to work near to their residence and as per the result population from one place has been increased.

Migration might be not a big issue as other but still it is a problem. It is the problem of the people who has been migrated; it is the problem for the native people. And it is our duty to solve this problem.


Muskan is an NGO which has been working in the various social fields.   As per our studies we had been reached in the conclusion that there is a big population of those people who had been migrated. And its result has been seen directly on the state population. Our study reveals that behind the migration of people the biggest portions that migrate are the villagers.   Therefore, it is important to provide opportunities to their own places so that there will be no reason for the people to migrate.    And for this purpose we had come with the variety of job opportunities like: embroidery work, candle making, toy making, and many others. We even had decided to create a link from the urban area as well as rural area and for this purpose with help of internet connectivity we even had stable small bpo’s in some of the villages which has provided a better job opportunities to the people and at the same time it has given a even solved the migration problem at a certain level.

For all of our projects and achievements the credit behind our success is goes to all those people who has been given us donation. Because of your all donations today we are able to unfold smile from every face. Therefore, a big credit behind our achievement goes to you. Our projects are the results of your donations.   So we would like to encourage you that keep donating us.   This is your donation which is helping numerous of people today.

Always remember that your one step has the power to change the world. Someone is desperately   in the need of your donation. Donate now.

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