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Moments Which Taught Us To Save water


Conservation of water is the very preservation and careful use of water supply. It includes both the quality and quantity of the utilized water. It is an asset to the nourishment of life. Its fundamental demand appropriates from all local users to the agriculture industry. With the increasing population water resources are decreasing.

After two 2 years of week monsoons, a quarter of the country was affected by severe droughts. Although India has been making improvements for both the availability and quality of drinking water systems. Regardless of improvements in drinking water, other components of the atmosphere were contaminated with both chemical pollutants and bio.  Only 33 % of our country can access the traditional sanitation system. India was on serious water crisis for years and  many people committed suicides and man0079

Reasons to Save water
  • It is very important to save water because no one can survive without any freshwater. no sugar coatings, plain and simple.  Many of us learn this thing along the way, so why do people feel bad when oil, fertilizers, and other pollutants are poured into the river and streams. Can you eat a fish who have some weed killer marinade or drink water with motor oil on top? So this is the moment when people stop and think about saving the water, saving other life kinds to continue their lives on this planet.
  • Protecting our ecosystem from any further damage is critical and especially when it is about the survival of some endangered species. Oceans, lakes, and streams are the lifeblood of various ecosystems and are used as dumping grounds and hurting everything and everyone who relies on these water sources like ocean and lakes. There is a garbage patch in the great pacific ocean, known as a great pacific garbage patch. That is the worst side and example of our wasteful practices.  This is not the responsibility of the second person to save water but it is a duty of every person by themselves to practice water conservation.
  • Saving water can also help you to save energy. If you want to pump water from any central facility to your office or home, to run the equipment energy was required. This will help you by reducing your carbon footprint and will also help the country to be more independent on energy use.
  • You can also save water by applying basic water conservation techniques, you can save around thousands of gallons of water each year. In this technique, you just need to use less water to perform any task at home with less amount of water used last time.
In Muskan The NGO we provide various training camps and seminars on how you can save water to prolong the life of this planet. You can cut you by more than half with the help of just water conservation techniques. Each day by committing just little efforts like these you can make a difference by yourself. You will be able to save a lot of water and water bills if you just attend some seminars and camps at our NGO.