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We are the part of 21 st century which is also known as the world of science and technologies. On the one hand where daily science is giving us surprises, new wonders can be easily seen through science and technologies daily new discoveries are  happening at the same time on the other hand  there are some irrational believes which do not allow human beings to live in peace and these believes are known as Myths or superstation.

Superstationof ntire world and in which lights we are still living…But without any reason also we can leave and there is no need to name those reason any thing or to afraid from them….But there are lots of people who are likely to afraid from those unreasonable things and create an unnecessary fatuation in their mind which is known as Superstation.

People said that these unnatural things are driven by some supernatural forces.

In India Superstation is crossing the level high. Since 25% of Indian population is illiterate. They don’t know even how to read and right and that’s why most of the people were easily comes under the influence of Myths and Myth teller.

one of the common myth is : sneezing is considered as the sign of unfavourable thing weather logically if think and even science says that sneezing can happen because some people have allergies from dust and certain types of smells and fragrances there are so many other causes as well.

It is very bad hard to say that even in the today’s world when science and technology is so high people are still bounded in these thoughts. As a human beings if need to fight from our fear we need to thing broader, we need to thing logically, we need to think scientifically that there is science behind these unnatural things and events. Superstation and myths are nothing.. Its all just the statements of mind there is always some logic behind everything, nothing mysterious is there everything is apparent and crystal clear what all we need to do is to activate our brain, we need to thing broadly and positively towards nature and events. We are born freely and have right to live freely. Do not be captive of our thoughts and myths. Live an open live think widely and live wisely..