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Need to Change the Mindset of People on Female Foeticide


Need to Change the Mindset of People on Female Foeticide

The biggest threat to our civilization is decreasing the sex ration in our country.  Increasing men's and women's imbalance leads to many crimes like illegal women trafficking, sexual assaults, and dehumanization of society. Female foeticide is one of the most heinous crimes on this earth, the more detestable thing is that people belonging to the educated class are committing such type of crimes. The ineffectiveness of the PNDT ( Pre Natal Diagnostics Techniques) Act is very much obvious. So quick reformation in people's attitudes is necessary to look beyond the legacy and change this world as a better place to live.

Growing Menace Of Female Foeticide

Female Foeticide

Religious, cultural, and social fibers of India are pre dominating and patriarchal. After following these threads many people think that family runs only through males and they make males a special commodity that needs to be protected and given special status in the society. Another pillar of patriarchal society is marriage, it is considered as a process to pass on the father's burden to her husband at a very high price. Women have to go through a lot of violence in their life like rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, dowry system, trafficking, etc. Causes for female foeticide indicate that the reasons are the same or different depending upon the geographical location.

Sex Determination Tests

The most common sex determination test is amniocentesis, this test was used to detect any abnormality and complications. But along with time this technique has been used to detect the sex of a foetus. Through abdominal ultrasound, the gender of the foetus can also be determined within 13 to 14 weeks of pregnancy.
The preference of sons over daughters has decreased the sex ratio in India. Census data shows that there is consistent drop in the sex ratio due to the menace of female foeticide, as it is spreading and emerging over different parts of India. Female foeticide is no more just linked to urban people, but rural people are also initiating to take the practice of these activities. To perform such crimes they travel all the way long to cities.

Female Foeticide is Justified or Not

Female Foeticide is Justified or Not?

the countless murders of a girl child are justified on two grounds. First to reduce population and second is that poor parents can be saved from the expenses which have to incur at her marriage. So, female foeticide is considered to be the solution for two problems i.e. population and dowry. India was the first country to opt for family planning as an official program but the population is still growing. Another reason for population increase is the desire for a son.
Every time a woman gets pregnant she can determine the sex of her foetus and can also get it aborted if happens to be a girl child. It is correct that people should have every right to plan their families. In India, everyone always wants to have a male child. But as an individual, everyone has a duty towards society and must not discriminate their child based on their genders.  Both male and female should be provided with equal rights and facilities in the society.

Female Foeticide In India


In our country girls are worshiped as a goddess and on the other hand, her existence is denied as she has no right to live. But at Muskan an NGO we believe that now it is time to get rid of male chauvinism and treat both children as a gift of nature. So in this your efforts can support us in spreading this message all over the world. Because no one wants to live in a society where there are only men and no women around.

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