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Orphan Child | Orphans Needing Families

Orphan Child | Orphans Needing Families

Orphan Child

Childhood is the best part of our life. When we are child we always want to grow up and when we are young we wants to become a child. That is what called a child life. Being a child it’s very difficult to understand what a golden period we are cherishing but growing up and missing those moments what where we lived is the most important one.  Childhood is the free of cost time, where we lived like kings.  No boundaries, no tensions,  live under the shadow of love and care of our parents and elders, no tension and fear that our parents are there. No fight for food, no rush of money, we are own boss.  That is what called childhood.

Today, we are remembering our childhood because we had memories but the reason behind our memories is our parents and elders.  Only because they give their lives that’s why we are happy today, what if our mom doesn’t cook for us, what if our father never earns for us? What if we earn? We might not have that all those small memories to cherish?  Right???

But….You know what there are millions of kids who do not have this privilege of life. And you know why because their parents are not with them they are orphans. As per an statics by an international children charity, 4% of among the children population in India are orphan. 

Orphans are the kids who do not have their own parents. In India this is the condition of 20 million people. These are the kids who are not living under the shadow of love and care of their parents. Many people are there who adopts kids but still lots of kids are there who do not have this privilege too. Foreign countries have the option of foster parents . Foster parents are those parents who take the child custody under an agreement that after the time will over they need to return the kids. Or they need to take care of the child until will not grown up. This might be a good system, a bit relief for child, a small portion totime when he could realize that he is not actually orphan but in India there is no such kind of system. Either parents adopt kids or they have their own kids. Behind this global truth it is not also the hidden fact that there are lots of those parents who wants to be parents but they cannot conceive. In that condition some of them adjust themselves and many of them adopts. But what the harsh reality of is that in every situation a child suffers.

Dear friends, through this article I just want to draw your attention that this condition is such a horrible condition. Just imagine what if it happens in our home or with us?  Definitely we do not even imagin this for us. Therefore, when we can not do anything behind our sympathy what we can do is we can provide help to those kids may be through money, or by spending a single day of our life with them. Their situation is not their own fault but when we have the chance to change, why do not we take a step further for it…. May be our one step bring light in their life.

Remember when we will change, world will change….