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Positive Impacts Of Section 370 On Kashmir


We had recently come across section 370 of the Indian constitution which was implemented especially for Kashmir. We all are aware of the fact that rules are regulations of Kashmir was different from India. Although being a part of the Indian subcontinent, it had a separate constitution and autonomy which led to several kinds of disputes between Pakistan and India. Well, it is proved to be boon for India and helped to serve India with the following benefits which are mentioned below. The government of India felt it necessary to include Kashmir in the constitution of India and also helped in several ways. Section 370 had several benefits on Kashmir and had several positive impacts for the people of Kashmir which are listed below.

Positive impacts of implementing section 370 in the Indian constitution

Positive impacts of implementing section 370 in the Indian constitution

No attack on an army

We know that Kashmir people attack security forces as they think that they do not belong to India. Before section 370 they are free to attack the army and there was no punishment for it. Even though they were appointed on Kashmir for their security. But into their belief, they did several attacks on the army several times. With the implementation of article 370, the people in Kashmir cannot attack security forces and they had to follow the rules of the army when needed.

Brought harmony and peace

As we all know that disputes between Pakistan and India issue to the Jammu and Kashmir. This dispute has been for years and several attacks were made by Pakistan on India. However, there are several times when Pakistan had attacked Indian after entering India. Therefore to protect Kashmir from other countries it is important to include it within India. So the government has implemented section 370 which implies that Kashmir is now a secular state of India and will follow the same rules as other states of India.

Same rights for all

It is beneficial for the people of Kashmir that they will enjoy the same rules and regulations as other Indians. Including them within the Indian constitution make them feel free in India. As they will have the same rights that other Indians enjoy. It is a positive feeling that Kashmir and Indians will enjoy the same level of rights. It is proved to be the best article as it worked a lot to help Kashmir people to enjoy the same rights as another Indian.

Will avoid disputes

As disputes between India and Pakistan is never-ending and the most affected region in Kashmir. Although armed forces are there to provide protection at the border of India. So to solve the final dispute the Indian government had taken over the important step that implies that Kashmir is now a part of India and now there will be strict actions against the person living in Kashmir and is against India. Such type of people are creating disputes and also causing destruction in the Kashmir area.

Positive Impacts Of Section 370 On Kashmir

Increase the development

Being a hilly area and main border area the development in Kashmir is limited to a certain level. Including Kashmir in India will increase the development of Kashmir as PM Modi had asked several companies from various sectors to invest in the Kashmir area; which automatically develops Kashmir. Like the government is thinking of establishing factories and industries in Kashmir for Increasing the wages of people. Development of Kashmir is important and the first thing that the government felt is to eradicate unemployment from Kashmir.

There are several monetary benefits to the implementation of article 370 by the government of India. It is a great thing for the people of Kashmir that they will enjoy the same freedom as other people of the nation. There is a need to create awareness among the people about the benefit of article 370; as most people think it wrong and want it to cancel. It is the duty of the government to make people aware of the article.

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