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Global warming is one of the serious issues that cause the depletion of the ozone layer. There are several reasons which lead to an increase in global warming and disturbs the natural ecosystem.  Due to increased industrialization and use of electronic directly increase global warming.  Looking forward to more reason refers to the below-given information. Although the government had taken several steps to control global warming like planting trees, use of eco-friendly crackers, Use of CNG gas and many more measures that had lead to decrease the level of global warming in the world.  Water sources are drying up and species are becoming extinct due to global warming. Its high time and know about the causes of global warming to prevent it.

What are the causes of global warming?

causes of global warming

Increased industrialization

The industrilization and increased establishment of factories cause serious effects on the environment too. Industrialization involves the use of heavy machinery and equipment that directly generate heat in the atmosphere.  Like sugar or automobile industries where their high concerntration of heat is generated along with polluted air comprising CO2 and other poisonous gas. These gases and heat are released in the atmosphere and directly leads to global warming.  However, it is important to take care of it.

Electronics a bane

Technology is imp[roving day by day and the use of advanced gadgets is also increasing.  But have you thought that it directly affecting the environment around you? Well, the answers are yes, as using electronics use releases harmful radiations which directly depletes our ozone layer and ultimately leads to global warming.  The use of everything should be limited if you want to save your environment and prevent global warming.

Burning of  fossil  fuels
Converting forests to  agricultural  lands
Fossil fuels are one of the natural resources that are found in the underground surfaces of the earth. Therefore,   when we extract these fossils and burn them at high temperature it releases harmful gases like  CO2 and many others.  However, due to an increase in automobiles, there is a need to generate oil and gas to create the power to run our vehicles. 
 Therefore, with the modern world these releasing of  CO2  in the atmosphere increasing global warming.   Every year global warming increases due to the regular use of vehicles which implies the burning of fossil fuels.  There is a need to opt for CNG vehicles that help to reduce global warming.

Converting forests to  agricultural  lands

Forests play a major role in lowering down the temprature and helps to maintain the temperature of the earth. With the increase in population demand for food is increasing day by day.  Forests are been converted to agriculture lands for crop production. Cutting of trees directly affects the temperature and increase the heat of the sun.  However, in order to deal with these, it is important to avoid deforestation and implies afforestation so as to balance the natural ecosystem.
Global warming is one of the major things that you need to take concern and should be worried about. However, many of us are not aware of it, which is not worth. Muskan an NGO wants others to know about the causes of global warming so that you can take preventive measures that increase global warming in the environment.  Hence it is important to opt necessary steps for eradicating global warming. So initiation can helps others to understand.  

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