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Reasons behind the depleting  level of the water table

Water is one of the major necessities of life.  Therefore,  there is a need to save water for the future as well. Only  3 percent of water is available on earth which can be used by us.  However, with time, the scarcity of water is increasing which means that the water table is reduced and there is a lack of water. Several reasons are there which cause depletion of water and are important to avoid.  With the increase in economy and demand, it is seen that it directly affects the water table.  Water from the fresh sources had been reduced to the minimum level due to our misuse.  Many of us are not aware of the reasons which are responsible for the scarcity of water and are explained below.  Let us know more about the reasons behind the depletion of water in detail.

Causes of Depletion of Water Table

causes of water depletion


Deforestation is one of the main reasons behind the loss of water.  Deforestation involves the cutting of trees from an area.  Like most of the forests had been cut for the establishment of commercial spaces. The forest area gets changed to a commercial area that directly affects water.  With the reduction in trees, there is no transpiration process which involves the transport of water to the atmosphere. With bare lands, the effect of sun heat is more and directly reduce the water table. 

Overuse of groundwater

With the increase in irrigation facilities in agriculture and also increased the use of machinery directly affects groundwater.  Water from the surface of the earth seeps down in the ground and gets accumulated in the underground area.  However, during the sowing of any kind of crop, there is a need to provide proper irrigation.  Most of the time farmers opt for motors or drill the surface to collect water for irrigation.  In this way, the groundwater table is reduced and depleted at an excess level due to over-pumping.

causes of decreasing groundwater level

Use of fertilizers and  pesticides

Modern agriculture enhances the use of fertilizers and pesticides while cropping.  Increased use of volatile chemicals and pesticides also increase the consumption of water by crops.  As the use of fertilizers causes loss of water from the underground surfaces. There is a need to have more use of water when farmer opts to use chemicals and fertilizers. Farmers should make use of organic farming that implies the use of less water and directly saves water. 


The establishment of industries like sugar or other agro-based industries implies the usage of groundwater for their manufacturing process.   Increased industrialization and commercialization directly put pressure on the ground water. Industries pump the water from the underground surfaces and deplete the underground water table. There is a need to recycle the water used in industries to save more water for the future.

how to stop groundwater depletion

The depletion of the water table is one of the major problems that we are dealing with. We at Muskan an NGO, wants to spread message so that can save water. Hence it is important to understand the reasons for depletion which are mentioned above. There are several causes of depletion of water which can be avoided if we want.  However, most of the time the overuse of water leads to scarcity of water which can be problematic for us in the coming future.  The depletion of water directly affects the water cycle and had a serious effect on the environment.