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Refugees in India

Refugees in India

Refugees in India

India is a land of cultures, religion, tastes, and diversity and beside all these differences we people are still living together and that’s the reason why unity in diversity is the biggest quality of India.   India is the world’s only country which holds such a large number of diversity.   For any country it is important to have some rules and regulations and so the India as well. And as a family face problem same as India as well.   India also faces many problems being a country. And one of these problems is the problem of refugees.  

Who are refugees?

Refugees are the people who have been migrated from one country to other due to any reasons and settled in a new country. If we talk particularly about India then India too has many refugees.   India has refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, and Sri lanka as well.    And these refugees has been settled in many different parts of the nation

Country might have given them space to live but still these people are not the native of this country. And they are fighting for the basic needs in this country as well.


Muskan the first of its own kind of Ngo who has been working for the refugees in India.   Even though these peoples are not our native people but still we are trying to settle them up and helping them to lead a better life style. For this motive what we are doing is we had providing these people some job options like packaging of food, and cloth making and some other handicraft work which they can easily sells and earn something for their livelihood.   At same time through our open school facility we are giving them opportunity to learn and study more. Muskan team has regular visits to the Refugees centers to make sure that they are not lacking of any basic needs.

Today, our efforts are kept in the right direction only because of our donors.   Because of your support today we are able to help the refugees as well. We really want to give you big thanks for this.   And we would like to encourage you that keep supporting us as the way you are supporting us now.   Your supports are precious for us. Therefore, keep supporting us… Keep donating us.