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Rural Area - Village in India

Rural Area - Village in India

Rural Area - Village in India

Rural  Area

India is a world’s second largest country. Where varieties of people are living, all the people in the entire India have different languages, cultures, religions and system. They all are different but all of them were living in the same country that’s why unity in diversity is the identity of India. All the people are living together in the same India but at the same time they are divided into village and city.

What is village?

Village is a place where fewer of the population settled. Villages are usually rural areas with the less number of population and fewer facilities.
         As per an estimate India has 640867 villages. And around 68.84% of populations were living in that village only. As it has already been discussed earlier that the villages are the rural and remote areas and according to the statics more than 65% of population are settled in the village that clear means that the biggest part of the population is settled in the village only. Therefore, it is necessary to provide proper facilities to the villagers.

                               It has often observed that villages have been identified with the literate people, with the farms and all. But at the same time it is important, to change the scenario and the scenario will change when we will step out. It has been seen that the people from the rural areas are shifting in the urban areas.  And the reason behind this situation is there is no job, people are not getting proper wages for their jobs, and there is neither proper facility of anything, not electricity nor water. Even the life style of people in the villages is not too good. They are living under a little environment, where facilities are not even too good. Therefore, it is important to provide them good knowledge. Since, the biggest portion of the world is living in the villages.

                           There is a huge gap between the city and village. And the gap has been created by us. We need to design our villages in a way that there will be no gab between villages and the urban areas except the population.