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Save Water Global Warming


Problems  that  you face,  if you  do not  save water

We must save our natural resources to save the earth.  When it comes to water then it is easy to waste it without thinking about the consequences that may you face in the future.   Therefore water is one of the most important natural resources that need to use in limited quantity.  There are several problems which are explained below which you will face if you do not save water. Saving water is important as water is the only  3percnt that is left with us for our general purposes. The rest of the water is salty cannot be used.  If as a person you do not save water then these may lead problems in the coming future too.

There are several things like closing taps after use, using conserving farming systems, the use of fewer chemicals,  avoid overpumping and many more things that help to save water.  These reasons are enough that it is high time you need to save water to avoid the problem in the future.  To know about it in detail refer to the below-given information.

What problems you will face when you are not saving water?

Shortage Of Water In Future

Shortage Of Water In Future

According to scientists and experts, it is estimated that a million gallons of water are wasted every day due to overuse or misuse. This overuse will lead to a shortage of water and cause limited water in the future. The natural water sources are getting dirty with regular water pollution and other reasons.  The drying of natural water sources due to global warming leads to a shortage of water. Therefor e it is suggested to keep the water clean and avoid the issue of natural water sources to prevent scarcity of water in the future. 

Shortage Of Food

Water supply directly proportional to the food supply. With the decrease in water supply, it is obvious that food supply is reduced.   Crops and livestock are dependent on water for the production of food.   Conserving water is important to supply the required supply of fo water to livestock and to grow crops.  In the case of food production is low due to lack of water, then it will directly reduce the supply of food and the price of food will rise which causes disbalance and less availability of food to everyone.

Shortage Of Food

Effect natural  ecosystem

Our nature is bound with several processes and cycles that require water to complete them. Water scarcity directly affects evaporation,  transpiration, water cycle,  and condensation process that occurs naturally in nature.   Due to scarcity of water, most of the population of flora and fauna had become extinct as they do not get the required amount of water which they needed.  Therefore, to avoid, it is important to preserve natural water sources and prevent their depletion to avoid the extinction of species.  

Conservation of water helps to secure your future as mentioned above.  Everyone in the world wants to have clean and pure water, but as the pollution is increasing it becomes impossible.  So at Muskan an NGO, we want everyone to realize that you need to help yourself.  To take it to next level it is important to make use of water in a limited way. It will helps in avoiding the serious consequences which you can face after the scarcity of water.  Therefore save water which will directly save your life.