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School Violence in India

School Violence in India

School Violence in India

Violence in school

School- when we listen this word we felt that our childhood has been alive for a moment. School means all class room, our subject teachers, their way of teaching, lots of friends, lunch time masti, play ground fun. Someone said truly that school is the only place where a we comes and go with tears in our eyes and the only difference is that only the meaning of tears changes.. When we come we cry because we do not want to go to school and when we finish our school we cry because we do not want to leave our school.. How beautiful is that….

School is not meant for giving us book education but school is the mentor of a child, school is the life for the child, school is the place which bring us out from our small world in our community and teaches us to fight for our life…where we met people from different cultures, communities and learn to life our life….. I am so happy to share that in my entire life the moment I leave was the childhood I live…

The purpose of the school is to give education and the medium of education is teacher. Teacher is the second parents for the child who not only give education but at the same time teacher also have the authority to use stick when he the student is not going in right direction. But, these days it has been seems that the relationship between students and teachers has been started changing…

Recently, it has been seems that many teachers has started beating students so brutally that they has change the meaning of student teacher. So many times it might has seen and even in some school it has been recorded in the CCTV cameras that the teacher were beating kids so badly that started acting like a villain. This is totally not expected, not at all expected … Nobody has right to beat a child neither in home nor in schools for any reasons….. But these things were actually happening in our society…So many times child cannot share this with their parents because they thought that their parents will not listen to them or they think that their parents will beat them too and the result is child depression, lose interest in studies,  mental stress etc..

Friends, children are our future… They are tomorrow’s diamond don’t let their childhood spoiled…We need to take strict action against these kinds of activities. Even government need to make strict rules about it...There must be CCTV cameras in every class room and there should be a monitor room in the schools from where every class needed to be monitored. And those teachers who were doing this, government need to give them strict punishment. Child heart is so innocent, once something has been stick in it then it is impossible to remove that, it might affect his future too… And we cannot allow our future to be like this.. Their should be help line number and the agency where child has the authority to call and that agency will work silently and investigate it..

Friends they are our kids if we will not listen to them then who will listen, who will care for them… Whenever your child do not want to go to school then don’t be quiet or ignore discover the reason, talk to him maybe we don’t our child is also facing same problem….