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Smile India

Smile India

Smile India

Did you smile today?

Every day we woke up and we follow our daily routine. Right after waking up we started rushing in our life. Like office, then for work, them for some other work and so on. We are just running and running someone running for money, someone running for business, someone for house on the other hand some other is  for some other work. But have you ever stop and thought that what did you missed in your daily hustle and bustle life???? No, right? Yup…Let me tell you what you had missed…You missed Smile. Yes friends, today you missed smile.....You didn’t smile today...

In this competitive world, we all are busy. We run for this, we run for that and that’s not a bad thing. Usually in fact mostly our day ends with stress, our day ends with worrying about next day and the conclusion of our rush in the entire day is zero. Ask your self- Do born to bear tension only? To kill this tension today we have came with a solution and the solution is smile….


Yes you friends, smile is the solution to kill all the tension.

Definition of Smile

There is lots of definition of smile. Even the dictionary taught us many definition of smile.

Smile is a gesture to show happiness, Smile is expression of kindness, pleases and happiness.


 But beyond all these definitions the matter is what your definition of Smile is. How you except smile in your daily life. What place did you give to smile in your daily life? And how much you Smile daily.

How we smile

It takes the 26 muscles to make us smile. Just Imagine we just have 206 bones and out of that only 26 are required….Do you loss anything? No…It’s only 26. 

Power of smile

  1. First of all, it’s essential for human life.
  2. Secondly, its coast nothing but it has the power to change the human. 
  3. When we did something happily it’s last forever. 
  4. Smile has the power to remove the stress, it has the power to heel the wound, and it has the power to recharge a human body. It has the power generate creativity in the humans. 


Scientific facts about Smile

  1. Physiological studies have found that smile has the power to change the mood. It has been proven that if a person can give a genuine smile even he is in bad mood then his smile has the power to boost up his energy, change his mood and help him to be more creative than before. 
  1. Smile gives us good health. Yes, it even shocking but correct at the mean time. Have you ever notice that when a person going through meditation along with the meditation doctors advice him to not take tension.  Even science says that a genuine smile is the best medicine to cure.  If we smile genuinely himself our half suffering started vanishes.
  1. Every posture like hand shaking and all have different meanings in all the cultures. But smile is the only posture which is accepted as a sign of happiness in all the cultures around the world. 
  1. A research said that a normal person usually smiles 20 times a day and within that 20 times 28% of time he smiles at his work place
  1. Babies are born with the ability of smile. Yes, even scientist said that kids learn different behavior but they don’t learn smile. This is something natural which automatically they have and that’s the reason why even blind baby can also smile. 
  1. Women smiles more than man. It’s a fact that women smiles more than man and now even its scientifically proven to.
  1. Smile is more powerful than makeup. In a survey 69% people accepted that people look more attractive when they smile than when they put make up
  1. There are 19 different kinds of smile. Yes, it’s interesting but it’s a fact that scientist has found that there are and 19 different kinds of smile which has been divided into two sub parts.  Polite social smile and sincere felt smile.



In conclusion of this article I just want to draw your attention that when there are too much good effects of laughing then why don’t we laugh? Don’t be too much busy with your schedule. Don’t mess with your life. Life is for living  and it’s enough practicing sad living now it’s the time to smile..


At the end I just want to leave you with one question DID YOU SMILE TODAY?