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Strategies That Can Help To Save Water In Agriculture


Agriculture is one of the major sectors that constitute our GDP.  The use of water in this sector is high and there is a need to take care of it. With high consumption of water, there are chances of water scarcity it is not being used in a limited way.  Several things have been evolved in modern agriculture that can help farmers to save water and increase food production as well.   

Over pumping of water, drilling of wells,  use of machinery and several other reasons are there which deplete the water and leads to scarcity.  There is a need to find the right solutions to save water which are explained below.  Today many farmers are opting for different strategies that help them to save water.  For the detailed overview of ways to save water refer to the below-given information.

How farmers can save water during agriculture processes?

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the best ways to irrigate crops and reduce the loss of water from underground water sources.  This type of irrigation system prevents the process of evaporation and helps to irrigate rach water in the roots without any loss.  It has been estimated that this system of irrigation helps to save almost 80 percent of water. With the use of this system, it is seen that even crop production is increased at double rates.
Rainwater harvesting

It is important to have water back up when you have trips that require excess water like in the case of rice.  During summers already water is less and there is a need to avoid scarcity of water. Therefore to deal with the problem; it is best to go with rainwater harvesting.  It implies storing water in the weels and then uses them when needed. Farmers built storage tanks and wells to store rainwater and using them directly on the surface of the water. 

Opt for organic farming

Regular use of fertilizers and chemicals on crops directly increases the usage of water.  Therefor e it is important to prevent loss of water from the fields and for that, the farmers should go with organic farming.  Use of mulch, cow dung helps to maintain soil fertility and increase the water holding capacity of the soil. With the use of chemicals, it is seen that water consumption is high as fertilizers need more water to get absorbed by the plants.  

Cover cropping

Several cover crops should be planted in agricultural lands, rather than leaving them barren.  Cover crops increase soil fertility and maintain moisture in the soil.  With the growing of sun hemp or dhaincha which are major cover crops, farmers can save their water to grow rabi and Kharif crops.  Due to the growing of cover crops soil remains in moist condition and there is less need for water afterward.

Several activities are implemented in modern agriculture to conserve water.  With time it is important to take care of each and everything and reduce the loss of water. With the help of the above given agricultural practices, farmers can save gallons of water in a year. To save water we at Muskan an NGO, teach agriculturers, so that can save water. Your practices can help to maintain the natural ecosystem of soil and had no side effects on the environment.