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Superstition in India

Superstition in India


India is a land of many cultures and religions.  Where people from different religion, cultures and societies were living together. Therefore, unity in diversity is the beauty of India. There are several practices and rituals performed in India every day. Every rituals and festival has its own history and sweetness. And India welcomes all those festivals and rituals. In between 21 states and 7 union territories India celebrates 106 festivals religious and national festivals with equal joy and enthusiasm.  This is what the Indian nation is; this is what we called India.

                                           Festivals are the jut the reason for celebration.  But behind all those happy points there is a sad point which is known as superstition or false practices. Where rituals and practices considered for good reasons on the other hand there are some practices which considered as false practices. Yes, this is true that there are several rituals which were performed in India for unnecessary beliefs. For example:  when someone crossing the road and suddenly, if a cat pass then they did not continue in the same road until some other vehicle or someone else will not cross the road. Same as there are several practices performed in India on daily basis which is considered as false practices, like people did not clean their house with broom at night, sometimes sneezing is also considered as a false practice.   There are just two but there are several of practices which have been performed in India in the name of rituals but they are actually abusing peoples. 

                   These practices are not only present in villages but at the same time these practices are present in the urban areas and cities as well.  For example, hooting of owl at day time, crying of dog and cat at night time all of them are considered as a bad signs. Sneezing when someone is going out for journey considered as the bad mark and it also has been said that person’s journey is going to be destroyed.

   This is just a small screen shot of a big picture, actually there are several of these kinds of faiths which has been performed in India. Sometimes they are just coincidence. They have no mean with reality.  We need to stop these practices. Religion and ritual are for humans. They are meant to fill happiness in someone‘s life, they are meant to shape someone’s life, to bring happiness in someone’s life that is what the motive of any religion or ritual or practices. Not to scared people with for any unnecessary reason. 

We need to break false practices, we need to bring out these faiths from our mind, and we need to stop thinking such kind of things. These are just myths. Nothing happens from and because of them.   We are born independently, and this is the time to think independently as well. Let’s move out from our thinking and think practically.