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The Truth About Female Foeticide In India


The truth about Female Foeticide in India

The major reason behind female foeticide is society's preference towards a male child. in general, families prefer sons over daughters to carry forward their generation. Getting rid of the female foetus with surgical treatments refers to female foeticide. The interruption in the birth of a girl child directly led to the rapid decrease in male-female sex ratio in the country. This also gives rise to girl trafficking from other neighboring countries. And all these things result in the exploitation of females at the hands of social order.

Interrupting Life

Female foeticide is also an act of cutting short life, in this case, a life of girl child is interrupted inside the womb of her mother but the people indulged in this find willing partners to carry out crime who are just fascinated with money. Due to family or social pressure, sometimes women are also forced to surrender to the immoral and illegal practice of killing their female foetus.

An Immoral and Illegal Act

An Immoral and Illegal Act

As per the PNDT act, any couple who requests for abortion of their girl child or a doctor who practices the same will be considered criminal and have to go through legal allegations. It is an inhumane act to eliminate the life of a girl child even before her birth just due to conservative greed or outlook. Parents do not realize that they need to make equal efforts to settle and rear their children irrespective of gender.

Poor Law Enforcement

No one has ever anticipated that advancement in technology would lead to female foeticide. Technologies for sex screening were introduced to investigate prenatal complications inside the womb, but now it became liable to be misused in facilitating abortions of a girl child. To overcome this misuse of technology the government of India passed various acts like PNDT and PCPNDT  actwith a mandate to penalize and deter prenatal sex screening and killing girl foetus. However, strong enforcement was not provided to all these legal provisions.

Signs Of Change

Nowadays the outlook of society towards the girl is changing as they are proving their worth in each department, many of which were considered to be exclusive domains of men earlier. This is increasing awareness towards the rights of girls to provide them equal upbringing,  education, health, and jobs. The government is also running various schemes and programs to raise voice against female foeticide and improve the condition of many women in the country. These programs and schemes are getting popular day by day and are practiced by many, which results in marked changes in women's attitudes about their abilities and all-round development.

beti bachao beti padao


To every citizen of this country, it is a social and moral responsibility to spread awareness about the need for believing in women and their merits just like Muskan an NGO is doing right now. We must put an end to female foeticide and prove that girls can play huge role in our life as they have proven to be magnificent performers in various professions. So it’s time to take stand and make others aware of it. For this you can consult us at Muskan.
Now those days are gone when women were not treated equal to men and were only meant to take care of her in-laws. Women are now leaving distinct marks in all professions, are individual in their rights and roles while managing their families, homes, and professions.

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