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Things To Know About Global Warming


Things to know about global warming

It could not be predicted by a person that global warming can have severe threat to this planet. Hence, creating awareness regarding the global warming is quite important for a person. A person needs not to be a climatologist to talk about the change in climate but it also helps a person to have some of the key facts on your fingertips. Therefore, the expert studies can provide you all the important things that a person should know about global warming. Let us have and discuss upon the handy guide for speeding up the understanding of basics of global warming or climate change.

What do you need to know about global warming?

know about global warming

Carbon dioxide emissions

The bubbles created by air inside glaciers provide the record of temperature as well as carbon dioxide. However, this stretch back 800,000 years, help scientist to know about ht planet, and has experienced global warming before ever. Hence, this paleoclimate evidence is able to show that current warming has been happening with such a rapid pace than it is in past. The major cause is known as the emission of greenhouse gas inside atmosphere and carbon dioxide mostly exist in atmosphere. This also forms a blanket that can trap heat present at the surface of earth. The human activities like burning of coal, oil and natural gas or deforestation have also increased the carbon dioxide amount by more than the third since the revolution of industry has started.

Polar ice

The ice of arctic sea not only shrinks but the oldest ice also melts. This also makes it even much more vulnerable to be melted in future. The real wildcard of climate is known as the Antarctica ice sheet. The IPCC has also estimated that it could also contribute approximate of 20 cm of sea-level rise in present century. However, it also warmed the possibility and it can also turn out to be several tens of centimeters more than the ice sheet turns out to be destabilized.

Polar ice global warming


Trees have great quality of absorbing carbon dioxide as they grow and usually act as the carbon sink. However, cutting down the tress also means that more greenhouse gas enters atmosphere and it speeds up the pace as well as severity of the change in climate. Forests usually cover 30 percent of the earth land but some 50,000 square miles of forest have been cut down every year. This is equal to the area used in making 48 football fields every single minute. For example, you can see Amazon that 17 percent forests have been degraded in last 50 years.

Coral reef bleaching

The change in climate as well as rise in ocean temperature is known to be the greatest threat in this world. Hence, climate change also goes along with the Australia Great Barrier Reef for second year in a row causing mass bleaching. Hence, bleaching usually occurs when extreme pollution, heat or low tides cause coral to expel algae that are living inside their tissues. However, this would help them to turn into white. Coral has have ability to recover from all the bleaching events but they are under much stress and if the algae is lost continuously they can eventually die.

Protect your living from side effects of global warming

Protect your living from side effects of global warming

Global warming is dangerous for a person health and it has severe effects on health of a person. Thus, these are some of the things that you need to know about global warming. At Muskan an NGO, we work on protecting our earth from global warming. IN this we need your help, so that can spread this message widely.

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