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Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India


Money plays an important role in today’s life though we are living in this beautiful world but for the survival upon this world we need money. We need money for our all the works, we need to money to buy food, we need money to buy shelter, we need money to buy clothes, money for education, money for a better life style. For the things which we needed for survival we need money for that.

Human being required three things to live bread, cloth and shelter. But to fulfill theses three thing the fourth thing which we required is employment.  In today’s world as the population is increasing it is became important for to have a good job.  Without any good job it is even difficult for us to imagine our life.

In today’s life every person in this world wantjob. Job could be anything, any source of earning but if we look at the mean time scenario people want job where they work in the office. Today more than earning job became the source of reputation where people were learning not to get the knowledge but to get the degrees. Therefore, marks in the examination are more important than the knowledge individual have.

According to the annual survey of employment and unemployment around 77% of Indian people no regular wage salary.  Which could be biggest as compared to the other countries of India? What will happen to these people? This question is always in the front of the government. Because of the unemployment, many households are not even able to earn two time bread.  Who is responsible for this condition? People always blame government, but the actual reason behind unemployment in India is us.  Yes, because of us only today we are reaching at this position.

The main reason behind unemployment in India is us. People are not bothering about population. Because of increasingpopulation the result is unemployment. Right after completing school studies a teenager want to earn therefore even without even knowledge they engaged themselves in the work they used to job calling, backend and after a certain time when they required skill result is no skill.  

Therefore, if some oneask for the solution of this problem is then possibly there are some basic ways but they could only possible when we obey them.

In order to the solution of unemployment first of all we need to control the population by encouraging people for the family planning. Secondly, by emphasizing on skill training so that in the future there will be better job option for the potential one and at last government need to create some project where people will get stable jobs.