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Waste Management In India

Waste Management In India

Waste management

Waste is one of the biggest trouble in the world.  Material which is remain after using the basic or the prior material that is known as waste. Doesn’t matter how much we as a country  or as individual  human being use,  we always use stuffs, materials etc. and as a human being we always want extra, we use extra and after use,  the rest we throw and the rest is known as waste. These days when the world is passing through countless troubles at that time one more trouble created his own place and that is the trouble of waste management.

It is not the serious issues or not the biggest trouble like other but it is a trouble that we need to sought out…Every human being has  his own needs and the excess of the availability in order to fulfill their need  which has been thrown out is known as wastage. Only very few people on this earth use their things in a careful way means they do not waste but it is a harsh reality that from pin to thin means every single thing  which we use we definitely do some waste from it. Even for explaining this we do not need to go any further because for this let’s take the example from our own home. For example, at our home when we eat we waste food, just a small example.

But that is just a small example, if we thing bigger we found that on the factories of anything large amount of stuffs were waste daily…does n’t matter whether that is useless or we didn’t use it.. Not even the stuffs but we waste natural resources like water, coal, minerals etc in a very large amount. Some of them are renewable whether some like plastic take very long time to grow.. Not even that the things we waste, we never thought to use it again..

Waste is not something which is the question about renewed or recycle, but waste is the question which is all about the loss a country face every year. It is might not be seen as the biggest loss which we count in the country but if we take a deep look on it we may found that it is a biggest loss that a country face every year.. In order to improve this condition we need to take the steps from our home only.. First of all we need to decide that we will reuse and recycle our stuff at a extent point.. Secondly, government need to open some recycle stores where the stuffs which is used by one person can be easily available, since for some people they want to use bit and through whether on the other hand they just need bit only..    So if these kinds of shops were there country is going to have two sided benefits.. First of all it will helpful economically, and secondly, for the needy means a needy will get the stuff in very low cost, thirdly, if that kinds of shops were exists the even job opportunities will increase for the recycle team and the people who are going to work in these shop .. No matter whether it is just only 1%.

As an individual we need to take care that from our side we will not waste any thing and if there is something like this we will try to reuse it…

Remember when we will change world will change!!!