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India Water Crisis: Clean Water Scarcity In India

Water Crisis in India

It is easy to live without food for some day but we can’t even imagine living without water even a single second.  That’s why someone has said correctly, that water is life. It’s even interesting to know that even 71% of the earth has been covered with water and around 96.5% of water has been hold by oceans.   But behind all this it is also a global fact that all this is water is only usable for one part since we cannot drink this water.

If we look at the actual condition of the world we may found that despite being covered by the one third portion of the earth, water is not useful since we cannot use that water.  And the entire world is suffering from the water crises. There is not even a single country which is not suffering from the water crises.

If we talk specifically talk about India, we may found that India is also on the same line with the problem of water scarcity.  Even if water is there in the Indian homes but that water is also not drinkable.   And not only drinkable but at the same time water is not useful since either water is polluted or salty and result water crises. As per an estimate World Bank found that 21% of communicable disease in India is because of water.

There are several places in India where water is not available, even in the metropolitan cities like Delhi also facing water crises. There are several places where drinkable water is not available.  For some people it is easy to arrange water filters whether some other are dependant on water tankers provided by the government.   But still there are some places where there is no tanker, no drinkable water.

If we talk about the desert areas it is even difficult to believe that some places are even living under the condition of 1 mug water a day. There are some places in the desert like Sahara desert where people have to survive without water. They just got 1 mug water a day for their all the works.

Yes, all the above mentioned facts are difficult to believe but at the same time we it is the global reality that even when the one-third of the earth is covered with the water, we cannot drink it.

There is no solution to prevent us from this water, but all what we can do from our side is not to waste water, is by conserving the water.  Use limited water as per your need, never leave the running tap, try to use water in some container, so that water will not waste.

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