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Ways  to  conserve forests to conserve life


Forests area is decreasing day by day and needs to conserve forests is becoming an important concern for all of us.  Preservation of the forests is important for the protection of wildlife and humans too. It is important to conserve forests and there are several ways in which you can opt to conserve them.  If we tend to preserve forests then it is beneficial for us as they help in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.  Avoiding cutting of trees,  reducing pollution and many more things can be prevented by us to prevent depletion of forests area. 

 Loss of forests at an alarming rate is a serious issue and the government is looking forward to it to protect them. Forests are a rich source of food that we eat and are a natural habitat for flora and fauna.  To protect wildlife there is a need to conserve forests.  For this Muskan NGO  had opted for several camps that are creating awareness and opt for the things to conserve forests; conserve life.   They had given several ways to avoid forest depletion in an area.  Let us know more about the ways in detail.

Ways  to conserve forests   to conserve life

Avoiding deforestation

Deforestation is a major threat to forests,  cutting trees and changing the forests area to commercial lands reducing the forests.  With the increase in population rate, people are cleaning forests lands and constructing a building on them. Establishment of industries and factories by clearing the forest areas near the cities is depleting the environment of urban areas.  Therefore it is important to stop cutting trees and if needed then opt for selective cutting as this practice will help to conserve forests. 

Avoid fire in forests area

Forest fires are another threat to forests that are caused due to human activities.  Sometimes the industries and factories which are situated near the forests area are prone to fatal accidents where fire accident is common.  Therefore trees catch fire easily and in this way, a large area of forests is prone to fire.  In case of fire, there is a need to spread chemicals immediately.  We have to cut out dry leaves to avoid catching and spreading of fire. 

Opt for Reforestation

Reforestation means planting of trees which are cut down.  Like for the cutting of every single tree you need to grow new plants.  In this way, the plant population is maintained and forests are also conserved.  It should also opt when you burn the tree, every tree that you burn for that you need to grow a new plant.  This replantation process is an effective way to conserve forests area and avoid depletion of forests.

Better agricultural practices

Most of the forest areas are cleared out due to the growing of crops.  Forests lands are converted to agricultural lands which causes havoc on forest areas and reducing their area.  In case if you want to grow crops and need to conserve forests also then it is better to opt for square, rectangular planting of crops.  There are several kinds of cropping patterns that allow you to grow crops between the trees and in this way it will be beneficial for the environment and economy too. 

Conserving forests is one of the most important things as they are in a very critical state.  Humans and animals rely on forests for their needs and shelter. Forests offer economic, social and several other monetary benefits.  Forests are a major support in balancing the eco system of the environment.  Therefore it is important to conserve them before it becomes too late.  

Few of the organizations that have been working for protecting and preserving the forests had taken several steps. Muskan  NGO has been working for years to prevent the depletion of forests area and protecting their flora and fauna living in forests too. It is our duty to know about the ways and implying them to conserve forests; conserve life.