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Ways To Encourage Women Empowerment In Society


When it comes to the development of society then the development of women is most important as hse is the base of society. However, several things are lacking in the case of women as compared to men. Women are not given equal rights as men which leads to several issues in society. There is a need to change the scenario and level of women in society.  For this, it is important for four women to know about their rights and power and can build themselves strong. Strong women simply lead to a strong society.  
The contribution and role of women in every field are important for the sustainable development of society.  It is important to encourage women in every field and ti to encourage women empowerment for the bright future f every woman. There is a various organization which encourages the women empowerment in society and one of the leading organization is  Muskan The NGO which is serving for may years in case of women.

Ways to Empower Women for the  development  of women

Some of the ways are initiated by the government in a different area to enhance women's development and to encourage women empowerment.

Giving women the right to election

Ways to Empower Women for the  development  of women

When it comes to improving the scenario d society towards the women then it is important that women only lead that society so that she can understand other women.  Although I today's world we can see that several women leaders are involved in the political parties and fight for the election.  Many women are now leading ministers in the country and are working best in their field.  When women become a leader and decision makes er it is obvious that she will think of other women and encourage their empowerment.

Creating  opportunities for women

It is important to create job opportunities for women so that they can be independent and live a good life. There are cases when some women had to live alone and need financial help. Therefore, it is important to create equal jobs for women as men. When women will have the financial security they can cope up with the world and can empower themselves by building themselves strong.  


Education is none of the strong weapons to fight with the silly norms of society towards women. It is important to provide e-education to the women at every level to make them aware of their power, self-esteem and even to enhance their abilities.   It is important to provide proper education to women at school and college level.  Women's education became an important concept especially in rural areas where women are not allowed to go to school and study further in the name of respect and culture.

Equal  wages

Ways To Encourage Women Empowerment In Society

It is one of the major problems in different sectors where women are paid fewer wages than compared to men. I  this way these sectors are proving that women are weak and need independence at their level. It is important to raise the income of women and provide them equal wages at their work.  It is possible only when the government will imply strict laws towards the empowerment of women and want to enhance the women.

Several things are there which can be implemented to encourage the women empowerment in the society. To help women in different ways and to enhance their skills in the best way it is important to promote women at each level.  For this one of the best organizations is working that is  Muskan, The  NGO   which is working on several ways to encourage the women.

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