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What A Common Man Can Do To Save The Most Precious Resource


We all know that water is considered to be the most precious resource because it gives life to all the living creatures on this earth. For the survival of the human race and other species of water is very important.  To date, the earth is the only planet with water and life, so it becomes important for us to protect and conserve this precious resource.

71 % of the earth is covered with water but only 1 % of water is fit for drinking. The normal water cycle runs naturally from evaporation to rain. However, the main problem is the presence of drinking water, which is available in very less amount.

Why Should We Save Water?

To save water we need to know the importance and value of water in our lives. Water is also a precious resource for the survival of life. According to research, only 1 % of the water present on earth is only fit for drinking. Day by day population is increasing worldwide and resources are depleting.
Today people understand the value of clean water, but still, they are not taking any initiative to save water. Water conservation is a good habit and everyone should try their best to conserve water for the continuation of their lives on this planet.

Ways To Save Water:

What A Common Man Can Do To Save The Most Precious Resource

Without changing your lifestyle, there are several ways to save water. Any individual spends around 80 – 90 liters of water every day on household activities. Only 2 -3 % of the total water consumption is utilized in cooking and drinking on daily basis and the rest of the water is utilized in other activities like toilet, watering plants, laundry, showering, bathing, etc. To save water we just need to slightly reduce our consumption of water in all these activities.
Some tips to save water are:

This is an individual responsibility to try and save water in their daily activities as much as they can.

Rainwater harvesting is also a great way to use rainwater in different ways, this also helps to replenish groundwater.

Always use dishwashers and washing machines with full capacity to avoid any unnecessary cuts and wash them away.

You can also use a bucket instead of the shower it will also save a lot of water.

Water the plants in the evening so that water doesn't get evaporated and is used by plants only.

If you see any tap with water leakage then turn it iff tightly and call the plumber for your help.

You can also play dry Holi without any color to save a huge amount of water.

You can also start or take part in save water initiative in your locality also to save water.

These tips will help you to save water but you just need to follow the tips. Apart from all this you can also educate some neighbors and people around and make them all aware of the importance of water.

After air, water is the most precious resource essential for the survival of the human race. Water is also important to maintain the biodiversity of our planet through the food chain. The quantity of clean water is very less on this earth and is only available in groundwater, lakes, and rivers.

Muskan The NGO believes that pollution and contamination of water are very common nowadays which makes water unfit for drinking.  This becomes the prime responsibility of every citizen to take little steps to stop this and save water. 

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