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What are the reasons that implement the need for tree plantation


Tree plantation is one of the best ways to protect the environment and sustain it.There is a need to grow more trees for the restoration of the million of tres which had been destroyed due to several reasons in the past few years. Trees are as important as water and air for us; so there is a need to conserve them before it gets too late.

Around the world, it has been estimated that the depletion of the area under trees is decreasing day by day. Therefore to restore the tress many government and no government organizations like Muskaan NGO had taken the initiative and work on the factors to enhance the tree plantation in an area. Several reasons are there which helps to know why there is a need to have a plantation of trees and how it is important for the environment. Let us know more about tree plantation in detail.

Reasons why tree plantation is necessary for the environment

Increased pollution
The increase in technology had led to the establishment of several factories and industries around the cities which are directly affecting the environment. As for the business they are depleting the forests and ultimately the trees which are the source of fresh air and food. Almost 50 percent of forest land had been converted to agriculture and other lands. With the increase in depletion of trees, it made necessary to opt for tree plantation as it will help to grow the trees again.

Global warming
The rise in temperature is due to increased use of electronics and vehicle s which release harmful gases in the temperature. The harmful radiation from the electronics directly depletes the ozone layer. In this way, the temperature of the earth is rising every coming year and needs to be balanced for the survival of life. Growing more and or e trees can help to get rid of this problem and helped to lower down the temperature of the earth.

Evolution of harmful gases
Chemicals and other industries release harmful gases in the environment like CO2, sulfur and many more. However, releasing such gases in the atmosphere directly affects the environment and makes the air poisonous to breathe. In that case, the plantation of trees becomes even more necessary to have fresh air to breathe. Therefore, the evolution of these types of gases had a negative impact on the environment and can be avoided with tree plantation.

Climate changes
Changes in climate can be sudden but there are several reasons behind abnormal climatic changes in the environment. Using natural resources beyond their limits and deteriorating the environment leads to such climatic changes. There is a need to balance nature for the perfect climate which is possible if all the natural cycles are undergone properly. Like the water and carbon cycle which is not possible without the trees and is important to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Deforestation is another thing that is declining the area under trees. Therefore there is a need to stop deforestation and save our environment. The best way to stop and avoid deforestation is to opt for afforestation or tree plantation which enables o growing trees for every single tree which is destroyed. Deforestation is important to stop for the conservation of the soil and wildlife too.

Well, there are several organizations who are working for the tree plantation program and helps to know the importance of planting trees in the environment. Muskan NGO is one of the best nongovernment organization that is working on creating awareness about tree plantation and how it is beneficial for the environment.