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What Are Various Methods Of Forest Conservation


Forest is one of the major forms of the natural landscape, the geographical conditions where vegetation is permitted to take the form of trees is known as a forest. From the commercial point of view, forest resources are an integral part of the ecosystem which provides shelter to wildlife. Today forests are the source of raw material for about 5,000 products which are worth 23 million dollars. 

Originally 1,200 million hectares of land which is two-fifth of the land area of the earth was covered by natural forests. Now more than one – third of the land is turned barren by the man of its natural protective cover. After industrial urbanization and revolution more destruction was done.  The main reason for the depletion of forests was commercial exploitation done during the colonial period.
Steps To Be Taken For the Conservation of Forests:

What Are Various Methods Of Forest Conservation

Regulated and planned Cutting Of Trees:

One of the main reasons for the deforestation is the cutting of trees commercially. According to a report, about 1600 million cubic meters of wood have been used in the world for many purposes. Trees are always considered to be perennial resources, still, when exploited on a large scale, their revival is impossible.So cutting should be done in three methods 
Clear cutting,Selective cutting,Shelterwood cutting Forest areas where the same type of trees are available on a large scale, the clear-cutting method should be very useful there. In this method trees of the approx, the same age in a selective area is cut down and then marked for replantation.

In the selective cutting method, mature trees are only selected for cutting and this method is followed in rotation. In shelterwood cutting first, all the useless trees are cut down and then medium and best quality of timber trees.
In Muskaan The NGO whenever we cut one tree, we plant ten other plants to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. We all should grow at least one plant every year on our birthday, to save our environment. 

Control Over Forest Fire

Loss or destruction of forest by fire is common because many trees are exposed to fire in the forest and once the fire is started it becomes very difficult to control. Fire can be started in the jungle through any natural process like; lightning, by frictional heat between trees during winds, but in most cases, fire is started by human beings either unintentionally or intentionally.  The formula for a forest fire is very simple – larger the forest, drier will be the air, bigger the fool with match, bigger is the fire you will have.

To save forests from fire it is very important to learn the latest fire fighting techniques. Some fire suppression techniques can develop five lanes around three-meter wide to the periphery of fire. Arrangement of water spray backfires, spraying fire retardant chemicals from the back tank and if possible even form helicopters all these are some techniques to fight with a forest fire. To control the fire, firefighters must be specially trained to take quick actions.

Afforestation and Reforestation

Afforestation and Reforestation

Whenever the timber is removed, either by selective cutting or block cutting, the exposed area must be reforested. This can be done by any natural or artificial method. Similarly, the same should be done in case any forested area which is destroyed by mining activities or fire should also be reforested. Aerial seeding is also a method of choice in rugged landscapes.

Fresh afforestation programs should also be started by various government and non-government organizations. Muskan The NGO believes that planting new trees will not only increase the forest area but it also helps to maintain the economical balance. The selection of trees should be done according to geographical conditions for afforestation. 

We at Muskan The NGO always organize camps to plant trees and save the environment. To maintain the eco-balance on this planet we all should plant more and more trees. It is a combined responsibility of everyone to take part in it. Anyone interested to save the environment by planting trees can contact Muskan The NGO.

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