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What Is Groundwater Depletion


The importance of groundwater cannot be overstressed for the existence of human society. This is found in acquires below the earth's surface and is also one of the major natural resources. Groundwater is present beneath the surface of the earth, deep between soil, pore spaces, and rock formations. In both rural and urban areas groundwater is a major source for drinking water. Groundwater is also a great source for the industrial and agricultural sectors. 
Groundwater provides 37 % of water to the water department of our country; they supply it to various households and businesses as public supply.  Underground water provides drinking water to 90 % of people living in rural areas. The biggest use of this water is to irrigate crops. We need groundwater all over the world.

Causes Of Groundwater depletion

  • Groundwater depletion commonly occurs due to the frequent pumping of water from the ground. Sometimes we pump the water so frequent that it cannot renew itself, which leads to the shortage in groundwater supply. As the population is growing this problem will continue to rise, the more we pump from a rapid rate, it becomes more difficult to provide us the amount of water that we need.

  • When we continue to pump groundwater then aquifer does not have enough time to replenish itself. Aquifer holds an impressive amount of water capable of providing us billions of gallons of water a day. Since groundwater is a major contributor to the freshwater supply of earth so it does not have such ability to replenish itself so quickly to sourced for our use.

  • Agricultural requires a large amount of groundwater and it is frightening to think that there is not that much groundwater to support billions of our population with their lifestyles. A large amount of groundwater is used by farming but the availability of groundwater is decreasing steadily.  Without groundwater, it will be very difficult to provide water for crops, animals, and billions of population.  The less water available inside the ground, the less food we will have.

  • Groundwater depletion can also occur naturally as the problems we are going to face with freshwater shortage will cause problems in every aspect of our lives. Maximum of the groundwater depletion comes from humans, but there is a portion of groundwater depletion that happened due to changes in the climate.

  • Groundwater depletion will force us to dig down deep in the ground to get more water. The more we will extract groundwater the deeper we will have to dig in the future. We can also experience that no water will be available inside the ground then you just need to dig somewhere else. 

  • Aquifers are extremely important because they collect groundwater, all the wildlife, agriculture and marine animals continue to suffer because due to some industrial farming over the land they find its way into the water. if aquifers are depleted then lack of groundwater in the ground will lead to limit biodiversity and dangerous skin holes.
As an individual all we can do is to use less water for luxury purposes, everyone should do their part whenever possible to use less amount of water. we should also reduce our use of chemicals and dispose of them all properly. If you think on both personal and government level then it will become easier for you to address the issue of groundwater depletion

At Muskan The NGO we can provide you knowledge about groundwater depletion, how it happens and what should you do afterward. Here we have a team who is always busy with their research to provide you all finesse knowledge.