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What is Skill Development and why it is important


Skill development has been listed as no longer a matter of choice. However, it is imperative to survive, adapt and succeed in life. We have been working in an era where dealing with disruptive and ambiguity trends is crucial for success. In addition, to maintaining academic awareness of the field, a person needs to review the career eco-system. Hence, adapting attitude and skills in inevitable to succeed in the coming years. You can define development of skills as an expression to various things such as: 

  • The ability for performing a task
  • Improve proficiency level
  • Improve the sets of skills in any field
  • Have the ability to complete a task with high success rates at ideal times

Today, organizations usually prefer skilled employees in comparison to other people. This would help them to have good career growth. Moreover, they will benefit organization in same way along with the proficient working of an employee. Skill development is quite an important aspect that should be considered.

When it is about the corporate world, skills usually come inside the role for increasing productiveness as well as work quality for great results. Skill and knowledge both have been related to each other and they drive force behind community development and financial growth of India.

Why skill development is important for India?
Millions of engineers usually graduate from variety of colleges all over India. However, when it is about employability, only 20 % of graduate employees are able to achieve job. India is focusing to skill and train in the workforce of organizations. According to a survey conducted, 25 percent of the Indian workforce has undergone multiple skill development programs. India needs a greater number of skilled workforces for developing economic conditions. 
However, the literacy rate has been increased nowadays but people have been struggling to find jobs. According to the experts of the World Trade Organization (i.e. WTO), if India is focusing on skill development the GDP rate can increase by 3 to 5 percent in 2035.

Why is Skill Development important?
Skills are no longer a matter of choice. It has become mandatory to be skilled for a better future prospectus in the professional world. The main objective and mission of skill development are to:
  • Set up a workforce that is proficient with the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Skilled employees yield higher productivity and have the ability to work effectively and efficiently.
  • This influences the growth and development of the company and contributes to the GDP of India.
CLR Skill Training foundation is fully equipped to handle your skill development needs under the provisions of the NEEM scheme of the Government. Ever imagined a scenario where an unskilled carpenter takes a week to design and construct a table while a skilled carpenter takes only a few hours. This is the difference between skilled and unskilled labor. It’s a waste of time and effort to perform a task with unskilled hands. This demolishes the progressive growth of individuals in any organization.

Skill is a powerful tool:
Skill development is a powerful tool to empower people and improves their social acceptance. It is complemented by good economic growth and enhances employability. India is towards the verge of being a developed country with needs a greater number of skilled and knowledgeable people. India has been listed among the youngest nation of this world has more than 65 percent of working-age people and more than 54 percent of people with young workforce. India is in a huge need to skill and train youth for better development of economic status.

How Muskan NGO can contribute to economic status development?
The volunteers of Muskan NGO have been working to create awareness regarding the need for economic status development. This information has been explaining the importance of the skill development of India. However, skill development results in increasing the GDP rate of a country along with the economic, social and political status.